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Woman with pen in hand, sitting at a desk to sign a document. On the desk sits a small house figurine.

Property Valuation Battle: Underwriting Grade AVMs vs. Marketing AVMs

In today's dynamic real estate market, understanding a property's true value is crucial not only...

An aerial view of a neighborhood during autumn. Trees with orange and red leaves scattered among houses in a neighborhood.

A 2024 Guide to Smarter Market Selection for Residential Real Estate Investment

The allure of single-family residential real estate investment lies in its potential for wealth...

A top-down aerial view of a colorful neighborhood with fall foliage.

HouseCanary Glossary: Key Real Estate Terms

Your guide to key terms used in the suite of HouseCanary platform solutions...

The housecanary logo on a blue background.

Property Explorer Quick Start Guide

Learn more about HouseCanary's Property Explorer Real Estate comparables tool...

The HouseCanary logo with a blue background.

Order Manager API Quick Start Guide

Learn more about calling real estate API requests with HouseCanary's Order Manager...

HouseCanary logo on a blue background.

Order Manager Quick Start Guide

Learn more about HouseCanary's Order Manager...

A graphic of the HouseCanary logo with a blue background.

We Signed The Contract, Now What? Getting Started With HouseCanary

Learn more about accessing HouseCanary's property data and analytics platform...

A black background with multicolored data floating in the foreground, as if on a computer screen.

What Can Objective Tools And Software Do For The Equity Investment World?

Learn more about how Unison implements objective methods...

A man with a vest sitting at a computer looking at data.

What Does The Future Of Appraisals Look Like?

Learn more about the future of appraisals...

A photo of an eye with some artifacts in front of it.

HouseCanary Unveils New Image Recognition Technology

Learn more about HouseCanary's use of cutting edge image recognition technology...

A view of the city of San Francisco looking east on a big hill.

HouseCanary Data Points Part IV: Market Analysis

Part four of our HouseCanary data points series...

a birds eye view of a sterile suburban neighborhood.

HouseCanary Data Points Part III: Rental Analysis

Part three of our HouseCanary data points series...

An image of a rooster weathervane with a blue sky.

HouseCanary Data Points Part II: Forecasting

Part two of our HouseCanary data points series...

an image of a house with a sign in front that says "sold".

HouseCanary Data Points Part I: Valuation

Part one of HouseCanary valuation data points series...

A nicely lit suburban home at night.

How Does a Home’s Privacy Influence Price?

Does the privacy of a home make a difference in its price?...

A birds eye view of a suburban community.

WSJ Asked Us About the Future of Property Valuation

A conversation with CEO, Jeremy Sicklick and the Wall Street Journal...

An image with text that reads "Top 10 Lender Opportunities".

Top 10 Lender Opportunities In Wild 2Q23 Housing Market

Learn more about the top 10 lending opportunities during the 2nd quarter of 2023...

An image of three houses, a small one in California, a medium one in Tennessee and a large one in Ohio

One Million Dollars: What It Buys In The US Housing Market

What kind of property will 1 million dollars buy you in different parts of the US?

A couple signing papers

Top 5 ‘Hidden’ Factors That Influence Home Value

Why are some homes priced higher than others? Learn more...

A small image of a wooden spoon scooping up alphabet pasta.

Alphabet Soup for Real Estate, Decoded

Your guide to real estate acronyms and popular terminology...

A smaller image with the number 2023 with the text "Answering the most critical housing questions to start".

Answering The 3 Most Critical Housing Questions To Start 2023

Detailed answers to the three most critical housing questions to start 2023...

The HouseCanary logo with a blue gradient background.

HouseCanary App: Terms And Definitions

Some of the most common real estate acronyms for investors, spelled out and explained...

An image of a donkey and an elephant representing the Democratic and Republican parties.

Home Property Values: Blue and Red States are Divided on More Than Just Politics

Learn about how home values differ compared to a states voting history...

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