portfolio monitoring

Proactively monitor risk within your property or loan portfolio

Streamline your portfolio management with automated updates that ensure you're always in the know.

Reveal loan portfolio risk with the most accurate AVMs and property data

Minimize loan portfolio risk with HouseCanary's industry-leading AVMs (Automated Valuation Models). Our Portfolio Monitoring solution delivers real-time property data and LTV (Loan-to-Value) triggers, enabling you to proactively identify potential issues and make informed decisions. Stop wasting time on manual data collection and gain a comprehensive view of your entire loan portfolio.

Optimize property and portfolio performance and streamline dispositions

HouseCanary's Portfolio Monitoring automates portfolio reporting and property performance tracking. Gain valuable insights to support informed decision-making around asset management and dispositions. Our platform helps you streamline the process and maximize the value of your portfolio.

Eliminate manual work and gain real-time portfolio insights

Free yourself from time-consuming manual portfolio monitoring. HouseCanary delivers real-time alerts on MLS status, LTV changes, liens, and AVM updates, keeping you informed and proactive. Our customizable dashboards provide a comprehensive view of your entire portfolio at a glance.

Generate qualified leads for cross-selling other loan products

Market mortgage products to pre-approved buyers. Retain sellers by securing the mortgage on their next purchase. Identify opportunities to cross-sell existing customers on HELOC, home equity loans, or refis. Identify potential leads earlier or reveal leads you might not have otherwise seen.

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