The most accurate automated valuation models for real estate

Make confident real estate decisions with the most accurate and reliable Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) in the market.

The difference is in the data

HouseCanary AVMs are built on a foundation of unparalleled data quality. We leverage four key pillars to ensure the most accurate valuations. This robust data foundation fuels the unmatched accuracy of HouseCanary AVMs.

Unmatched density

We boast the most comprehensive database in the nation, covering over 114 million residential properties.

Superior quality

Our 50-state brokerage status grants us access to a massive trove of historical data (35 years!) This data is meticulously normalized and enhanced with cutting-edge image recognition technology, resulting in the most accurate real estate data available.

Time-tested reliability

Our proven track record and extensive historical data ensure you can trust your valuations.


Daily data updates ensure you're navigating the market with the latest information.
reliable accuracy

Independent verification and pre-listing benchmarking

Our commitment to accuracy goes beyond just data. We go the extra mile to ensure our AVMs are truly reliable.
Third-party tested
HouseCanary AVMs are rigorously tested by independent third parties, consistently achieving the highest accuracy ratings in the industry.
Pre-listing benchmarks matter
Traditional AVM testing often compares valuations to the final sale price, which can be influenced by listing strategies. HouseCanary goes beyond this by employing pre-list benchmark testing. This approach evaluates AVM accuracy against the estimated value before a property is listed. This eliminates potential bias from listing prices, providing a truer reflection of market value for investors and lenders.

Our AVMs are recognized by third-party testing as the best in the market

Unmatched accuracy

Continuous, two-day accuracy measurement for real-time insights. Third-party tested and proven to be the best AVM with the most accurate pre-list measurement.

Quality data

35 years of the most accurate real estate data, normalized and enhanced with image recognition.

Nationwide coverage

HouseCanary is a 50-state brokerage with MLS access.

Holistic market values

Pre-list and purchase benchmark testing for a holistic view of market value.

Un-biased modeling

Our machine learning models prioritize fairness and remove human bias via monthly fairness assessments.

Transparency and efficiency

Enjoy a user-friendly platform and API for seamless data access and integration.

Lenders and Investors

Confidence for investors and lenders

Make informed investment decisions with reliable valuations that minimize risk.
Most accurate data
Meet investor partner requirements with the most accurate real estate data for portfolio valuation and rental rate data.
On-demand valuations
Streamline lending processes with fast, on-demand property valuations from the best AVM provider.