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Inform real estate decisions with our fully automated valuation report

Get a fast, objective, and automated property valuation with HouseCanary Agile Insights, a CMA alternative. Gain insights into a property's future through detailed information and neighborhood heat maps, all presented in a user-friendly report. Agile Insights leverages automation to provide bias-free valuations while providing valuable insights.

Reduce loan risk

Utilize deep data and heat maps to analyze the market health of the property's block, ZIP code, and surrounding area. Gain objective insights into the factors shaping the home's value, enabling informed risk assessment for individual loans and loan portfolios. Reduce uncertainty and make confident loan decisions by understanding the broader market context surrounding each property.

Invest smarter and more confidently

Uncover the hidden factors influencing home values, including neighborhood trends and market dynamics. Quickly assess individual properties and entire portfolios to understand market value and potential risks. Gain valuable insights into the underlying value of loan collateral, enabling informed risk assessment and decision-making.

Assess loan assets with confidence

Obtain in-depth insights into the collateral behind your loan assets, including growth potential and hyper-local crime statistics. Accelerate your decision-making process with easily digestible visualizations showcasing key data points for single-family rental opportunities.

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