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A valuation-focused real estate brokerage, HouseCanary provides software and services to reshape the real estate marketplace. Financial institutions, investors, lenders, mortgage investors, and consumers turn to HouseCanary for industry-leading valuations, forecasts, and transaction-support tools.

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Founder Story

In 2008, Jeremy Sicklick was a partner and managing director at Boston Consulting Group. Trying to get a handle on billions of dollars’ worth of property values and trends in a collapsing market, he was confronted with the fact that the residential real estate industry — the market for the largest asset class in the United States — was in dire need of modernization. Records were paper-based, at times incomplete, and had no common data standards. Economist Christopher Stroud, at the time a 27-year-old doctoral student in statistics, had the tools to help solve these problems.

Jeremy, now Chief Executive Officer, and Chris, now Chief of Research, co-founded HouseCanary in 2013. Their team began digitizing and indexing information about every home, every mortgage, and every neighborhood across the country. With this groundbreaking dataset, the HouseCanary team has built a family of next-generation valuation solutions that are powerfully detailed, predictive, and accurate.

HouseCanary is growing our footprint as a brokerage to further our goal of benchmarking the value of every home. As we work toward providing every player in the residential real estate space with better, more reliable data, we’re particularly excited to see the changes taking place in the MLS world.

Meet Our Founders

Jeremy Sicklick
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

As Co-Founder and CEO at HouseCanary, Jeremy drives the company’s vision, strategy, and growth to identify interesting and unique ways to use data to maximize value in real estate. Jeremy was previously a Partner & Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group, where he helped leading real estate investors deploy billions of dollars in capital. He lives in the Bay Area with his wife, their three children, and two energetic dogs.

Chris Stroud
Chief Research Officer & Co-Founder

As Co-Founder and Head of Research at HouseCanary, Chris leads the research team in creating the most accurate predictive analytics through machine learning, dynamic modeling, and cloud computing. Chris draws on his previous experience as an economist and his dissertation research on Dynamic Models of Financial Risk. In his free time, Chris enjoys racing and working on his collection of supersport motorcycles.

Our Offices

We are a completely remote work company, with headquarters in California and Texas
San Francisco, CA
535 Mission Street, 14th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
San Antonio, TX
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