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Private money / non-qm lenders

Valuations and property data to expedite underwriting

7 of the top 10 private money lenders use HouseCanary's comprehensive real estate valuations, property data solutions, and bulk property data to optimize your lending from screening through monitoring.

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Attract new borrowers and retain existing customers

Empower your private lending business with ComeHome. Attract new borrowers, retain existing clients, unlock customer insights, and maximize loan value. All through one platform.

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Make faster decisions and close more loans

Time is money. The faster you can make decisions and close loans, the more money you can make. Our desktop underwriting tool, Property Explorer, provides the analytics and information needed to evaluate loan requests. Compare AVM to as-repaired value and deep dive into sales and rental comps in one interface, making your underwriting department and loan officers faster and more productive.

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Monitor and manage your loan portfolio

Constant market changes make it crucial to track current and future property values and risks involved in short-term, high-interest loans. Closely track and receive proactive alerts on LTV thresholds, MLS status, AVMs, and lien changes to mitigate risk, protect your investments, and make informed decisions on your loans.
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Maximize your margins and returns

Having the right information is key to maximizing margins and returns in any lending environment. With our Data Explorer, you can get a complete picture of a property's value, HOA fees, disaster risk, condition, and potential rental income to quickly assess net operating income or leverage data points like rent value, tax information, and equity to determine if a loan can be repaid.

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Have confidence in your lending decisions

You need to know that you're making sound financial decisions that will protect your investments. Predict future values and make more informed decisions around loan-to-value ratios and interest rates with Agile Insights, our fully-automated property report.

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"HouseCanary's products are amazing - their UI is significantly better than its competitors and the connectivity across markets is top-notch. It's clear they're a leader in the space and constantly improving."
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Patrick Donoghue
VP of Risk at Groundfloor

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