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6 of the top 10 mortgage lenders use HouseCanary for decision-driving solutions across the entire loan lifecycle.

Median absolute percentage error on valuations
Median absolute HPI 12-month forecast error
Properties in national database
Properties with AVMs

Decisions-driving solutions across the entire loan lifecycle.

Quickly screen leads & pre-underwrite

with instant AVM, as-repaired values, and rental and sales comparables.

Forecast demand & promote new products

with comprehensive, pre-cleansed nationwide or state-specific property datasets.

Proactively monitor & manage

with alerts when collateral sees a major change in valuation or listing status.

Acquire & retain customers

with analytics and platforms that engage with and uncover opportunities within current and prospective customer bases.

Streamline origination and pre-underwrite

Use reliable AVMs to speed up the pre-approval process. Assess loans early on by considering predicted sale and rental values, comparable properties, and estimated repair costs. Decide on eligibility and loan limits based on LTV ratios.

Identify emerging trends and target your marketing

Give your research and marketing teams accurate property data to help with market assessments, marketing strategies, and competitiveness. The data is pre-cleansed and covers nationwide or state-specific information.

Monitor your portfolio and manage risk

Having a clear understanding of your loan portfolio's risk is essential in any lending environment. Closely track and get early warnings with receive proactive alerts on LTV thresholds, MLS status, AVMs, and lien changes to eliminate manual portfolio valuation work, develop intervention and risk mitigation strategies, and make informed decisions about restructuring, selling and making provisions for potential losses.

Grow and engage your lending business

Use HouseCanary's ComeHome customer engagement platform to attract new customers, keep existing clients, increase customer value, and understand what customers want.


"I was sold on HouseCanary by the granularity of their data. Most other providers only offer HPI values at the MSA level. HouseCanary’s block-level data, especially at higher loan values, was a big selling point."
Peter Konkowski
SVP, Credit Administrator at Banc of California

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