We’re modernizing experiences across residential real estate

Our technologies improve transactions for everyone in the residential property marketplace.

Nationwide Brokerage

Our coverage of millions of homes in all 50 U.S. states helps investors, real estate professionals, homeowners, and home buyers all make educated decisions about their properties.

3.1% MdAPE

Median absolute percentage error (MdAPE) is a measure of a valuation model’s deviation from observed property transaction values — the lower that number is, the better.

HouseCanary is a brokerage founded on valuations

We've coined the term valuation-focused brokerage to describe how our industry-leading valuation models and best-in-class software help our clients identify and transact on properties. Our coverage of millions of homes in the U.S. helps investors, real estate professionals, homeowners, and home buyers all make educated decisions about those properties.

The technology behind our industry-leading accuracy

Our home price indices (HPIs) and automated valuation models (AVMs) are built by a team of data scientists and backed by advanced machine learning and a robust range of data sources. But we don't stop there: HouseCanary conducts monthly internal testing and quarterly third-party testing to make sure our products consistently meet the high standards our clients expect.

We determine value forecasts up to 36 months ahead

HouseCanary's proprietary HPI acts as the cornerstone for our valuation and forecasting tools. This comprehensive index combines historical pricing data with advanced modeling to predict future trends, capturing local market fluctuations and potential home value changes. It offers a granular view of risk and opportunity, allowing you to compare submarkets within a specific Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) with unprecedented detail. Our models account for market volatility, local income, and other factors that could influence home price, helping you uncover the best investments.

Technology that improves itself

The residential real estate industry is always growing and shifting. The analytical machines that we build are powered by machine learning — continually improving their own performance based on new data. HouseCanary's automated valuation models (AVMs) unlock the power of machine learning to understand the intricate connections between various factors impacting home prices. This allows for swift and accurate identification of the most influential factors, enabling us to assign appropriate weight to each one in our calculations.

Intelligent image recognition

The time it takes to have people review images adds up to significant spending. HouseCanary is training computers to execute these rote image recognition tasks at scale, finishing a full image review for a home in seconds instead of minutes. Our engineers have trained our neural network to identify the type of room shown in an image and assess home condition based on photos. Our image recognition technology can even identify a home that is in rehab condition or ready to sell, so our users can make decisions accordingly.

The industry’s most clean and comprehensive dataset

Real estate records vary from place to place, sometimes conflict, and require the context of local markets and other risk factors. We normalize and curate data from thousands of sources, ensuring accuracy with artificially intelligent and manual quality control systems.