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6 out of the top 10 single-family rental REIT operators use HouseCanary's decision-driving solutions for the entire asset lifecycle.

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Decision-driving solutions for the entire asset lifecycle

Identify and acquire investment properties

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Expedite underwriting

with quick access to the most accurate, reliable valuations.

Optimize rents and maximize ROI

with solutions to help you value your portfolio both while renting and evaluating to sell.

Proactively monitor

with real-time insights into a single asset or an entire real estate portfolio.

Uncover your next investment

Identify and acquire single-family residential investment properties that best match your investment criteria with our proprietary 50-state search platform.

Streamline your underwriting process

Compare AVM to ARV and do a deep dive into sales and rental comparables in one interface with our desktop underwriting tool, Property Explorer.

Maximize your rental income

Set fair-market rents without undercutting your profit with Data Explorer. Get instant access to our industry-leading proprietary dataset, including end points for property rental value, forecasts comps, and risks.

Identify and analyze markets

Make proactive, data-driven investment decisions with MSA- and ZIP-level analytics in a single interactive application. Streamline your market-level analysis without relying on manual extraction, summarization, and visualization.

Stay updated on portfolio performance

Track asset performance, identify underperforming properties and take corrective action, and determine disposition timing with proactive alerts on key metrics like AVM value and LTV changes.

Seamlessly buy and sell properties

Leverage our national brokerage solution to flexibly dispose and acquire individual assets or full portfolios on your behalf, tailored to your requirements and optimized for your objectives.


"HouseCanary is wonderful and has prevented us from making bad decisions. The clean and accessible crime score data is excellent, and having a single source of data through a well-documented API is a huge benefit. I'm a happy customer with more positive feedback than critical."
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Partner at EPOC Real Estate

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