HPI & RPI Data

See the future with real estate forecasting data

Home Price Index (HPI) and Rental Price Index (RPI) data for insightful historical trends and highly accurate forecasts on both home prices and rental prices – all the way down to the ZIP code level.

Explore markets and mitigate risk with our Home Price Index (HPI)

Forecast home price changes with confidence using our HPI, which provides both historical data and a 3-year forecast down to the ZIP level for over 19,000 ZIP codes. Our models are calculated monthly and offer aggregated risk and return calculations—including CAGRs, Sharpe ratios, and beta—alongside relative ranking comparisons versus surrounding areas, complete with demographic information and housing trends. Identify promising new markets and sidestep overbought areas. Mitigate risk and proactively manage your portfolio by anticipating future home price trends.

Predict rental market shifts with our Rental Price Index (RPI)

Stay ahead of the curve and anticipate future rental price changes with our reliable RPI forecasts, which are modeled every 2-3 days. Our forecasts include historical and 1-year forecast rental information, along with monthly gross yield characteristics and rental statistics. Identify high-performing rental markets with actionable data and make informed decisions with RPI data available for over 11,000 ZIP codes.

Effortlessly access forecasting data

HouseCanary offers flexible data delivery options. Choose easy access with secure download links delivered monthly via email, allowing you to pick and choose from the included data points without any coding expertise. For more scalable delivery, leverage our API or SFTP delivery. Additionally, subscribing to both our HPI and RPI grants unlimited access to Market Insights, our interactive market visualization tool for deeper market understanding.

Weekly Hot Sheet Distribution

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