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The most accurate AVMs for Capital Markets

7 top Wall Street investment banks use the HouseCanary AVM to accelerate their processes from pre-bid due diligence through portfolio management and disposition.

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Properties with AVMs
Median absolute percentage error on valuations
Median absolute HPI 12-month forecast error

Optimize costs and analysts' time

Accelerate pre-bid due diligence workflows with our gold-standard automation tools. Our industry-leading automated valuation model (AVM) powers a range of valuation tools that return highly accurate valuations for lower cost and less wait time than a broker's price opinion (BPO).

Streamline valuation and mark-to-market processes

Loan-by-loan analysis always cuts into the bottom line. Streamline valuation processes to uncover outliers that merit additional scrutiny with insights into property characteristics market trends, and financial performance, enabling you to make informed investment decisions and accurately assess the value of your portfolio in real-time. You can also get programmatic access with our API, allowing you to seamlessly plug into your current risk and trading systems at scale.

Maximize returns with real-time monitoring

Industry information is fragmented, obscuring your view as property values and market conditions continue to change. Get timely and accurate insights to maximize your returns. With our solutions, your team can work smarter, not harder. Closely track and receive proactive alerts on LTV thresholds, MLS status, AVMs, and lien changes.

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