September 13, 2023

Order Manager Quick Start Guide

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This intro to Order Manager covers everything you need to know to start using Agile Suite tools. By the end of this guide you’ll be able to create new orders, review address errors and warnings, and search and sort past orders.

Navigating Order Manager

There are several ways to get to Order Manager. You can log in directly at, launch Agile Suite from the Analytics Platform at, or select “Agile Suite” from the product menu in any HouseCanary product.

Order Manager opens to a list of your orders for HouseCanary’s Agile Suite valuation and inspection tools. Once you have started ordering Agile Suite products, you’ll be able to click on individual orders to see order details in Order View.

Orders are listed by creation date by default, so the newest order will appear at the top of the list. To re-sort by other fields, click the column headers at the top of the list. The dropdown box within the Orders page gives you a way to filter orders by status, and you a search bar to search within filtered orders by name, label, or ID. Use the universal search bar in the Order Manager header to find all instances of an address or client ID. This search bar auto-completes addresses to reduce the risk of typos.

Creating your profile

Log into either the Analytics Platform or Order Manager, and click the head-and-shoulders profile icon in the upper right-hand corner to access the Profile menu.

Choose “Edit Profile” to open a Profile window where you can add your name, contact information, and any MLS affiliation you have. You can also get to the Profile window with this direct link:

Starting a new order

Log into Order Manager and click “New Order” to open the New Order pane. You will be prompted to choose a product. If you don’t see the tools you need, talk to your organization’s HouseCanary administrator to get the right product permissions enabled on your account.

Select a product. For products with inspection, you will need to select a specific order type and delivery option.

Once you’ve made your selections, you will see two options for adding addresses. For small orders, we accept manual entry of up to three addresses. We accept bulk orders — with up to 5,000 addresses — formatted as spreadsheets.

Download the provided sample template for the best results when formatting your order information. For example, here is our Agile Insights sample CSV. Address and ZIP code columns are required for all Agile Suite products. For addresses with unit numbers, you can either include unit information in the address column, or enter a separate column for unit information as illustrated in the example CSV. The more information you can provide, the better.

If you plan to share PDF reports, you can fill in customer-related fields to be surfaced on the final report. Use the “Customer” and “Client File ID#” fields for your customer’s information. In the example shown, the customer “XYZ Bank” requested this valuation under the “Sample” file.

Checking the status of your submitted orders

You will be able to track your order’s progress with labels (such as “In Inspection”) or icons (such as green progress bars or orange pause icons) in the “Status” column.

As soon as you click “Submit Order,” we will begin running address checks. These automated checks ensure that all addresses in your order are eligible for the given order type. This process takes just a few minutes under normal conditions. In times of unusually heavy order volume, validation will take at most a few hours.

After validation runs, we will tag the addresses within your order based on how they performed on these checks. We will send you a summary email to let you know when your order begins processing, and whether there are errors or warnings that you need to review. Please note, we send summary emails about your orders directly to the email address associated with your HouseCanary user account. Make sure to whitelist and check your email for order notifications.

If fewer than 30% of addresses in an order raise flags during validation, we will process the executable parts of the order and send you an email to inform you that you have items to review. If more than 30% of addresses return errors, we’ll pause the order until you review and make decisions. Paused orders are marked with an orange “pause” icon.

Resolving items flagged with “Needs Review”

When fewer than 30% of addresses return errors, we will process the executable parts of the order and send you an email to inform you that you have items to review. If more than 30% of addresses return errors, we’ll pause the order until you review and make decisions. In either case, you will see an orange link that reads “Needs Review” under the Action column of the Order Manager homepage. Click this button to see your order.

Items marked as “Needs Review” will not be executed until further action is taken. If checks fail for an order item, or if Client Review is triggered because more than 30% of the order items fail checks, the “Warnings” and “Errors” columns will populated with details about the checks that failed for specific addresses.

  • Warning – this address raised flags which can be overridden or resolved
  • Error – this address is not eligible for the selected product

You must review these addresses to let us know how to proceed. You can approve or remove specific order items, resolve address errors, or cancel the entire order. Note that once order items with inspection are in process, cancelling the order will result in cancellation fees. Agile Insights orders cannot be cancelled.

Use these functions to resolve order issues:

  • Edit – click “Edit” in the “Actions” column to update an address, and we will run validation again
  • Add to Order – check the box and click “Add to Order” remove to override the warning
  • Remove – check the box and click the “Remove” button to remove this item without a cancellation fee

Go through the list until you have moved all addresses to the “In Order” or “Removed” tabs, leaving the “Needs Review” tab empty. If your order was paused, you will need to click “Start Processing” to proceed.

Viewing and downloading orders

When the “Status” column shows a progress bar, you can hover over the icon to see a breakdown of progress across the order. Click on an order for Order View, where you can see the status of individual addresses in the order.

As soon as any items in an order are marked as complete, you will be able to click on them to download data for those addresses. You can also use the “Order Actions” button to bundle all of an order’s completed reports for download, even if other items in the order are still in progress.

When an order is complete, a blue “Export Order” link will appear in the Actions column. Clicking “Export Order” will open a pane with options for downloading all orders in one ZIP file.

Take your process to the next level with HouseCanary

The Agile Suite is at your command. Integrate our valuation and inspection tools into your systems to streamline your valuation workflow or offer a new toolkit to delight your customers.

For a software development kit with further context and additional examples, visit our HouseCanary Order Manager SDK. For more technical details see our complete Order Manager API documentation, which includes openAPI documentation you can download, in-depth information about calls you can make, example responses and requests, and more. If you have additional questions or need assistance, our support team will also be happy to help you.