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Two business people side-by-side in a light and airy conference room, looking over charts and data.

How HouseCanary Helped an Asset Manager Measure Historical Broker Performance

Using HouseCanary to maximize return on investment of distressed mortgage collateral...

A business person in a suit holds a calculator at their desk. On the desk are two house figurines, a laptop, and paperwork.

How HouseCanary Helped Roofstock’s Valuation Team Price Properties Like Locals

Using HouseCanary data and analytics to gain deep neighborhood insights from across the country...

How HouseCanary Helped a Single-Family Rental Investor Acquire Homes

The SFR single property acquisition roadmap to success using HouseCanary...

Aerial top-down view of a neighborhood at night. Streetlights can be seen illuminated the curve of the road.

How HouseCanary Helped a Single-Family Rental Investor Find New Markets

The SFR single property acquisition roadmap to success using HouseCanary...

How HouseCanary Helped a Whole Loan Investor with Prebid Diligence

The whole loan prebid roadmap to success using HouseCanary...

A nicely lit suburban home at night.

How Does a Home’s Privacy Influence Price?

Does the privacy of a home make a difference in its price?...

An image of an open laptop in an interior of a house.

What Is the Value of My Home?

Learn more about the science that goes into accurate property valuations...

An image of three houses, a small one in California, a medium one in Tennessee and a large one in Ohio

One Million Dollars: What It Buys In The US Housing Market

What kind of property will 1 million dollars buy you in different parts of the US?

An image of the interior of a sky rise looking out over a city with text over it reading "infuse data into the rent-setting process".

Calculating Fair Market Rental Value for Your Rental Property

Learn about best practices for calculating the fair market value for your rental property...

An image showing the simplified user interface for Acquisition explorer.

Changing the Way Real Estate Investing Works with HouseCanary's Acquisition Explorer

A solution that empowers investors to make smarter, quicker decisions on potential acquisitions...

An image with the number 3 on it and the text of "Ways to close more homebuyers this summer".

3 Ways Lenders Can Help Homebuyers Win Deals In Summer 2022

What does the home sales and mortgage rate outlook for homebuyers in summer 2022?...

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