Changing the Way Real Estate Investing Works with HouseCanary's Acquisition Explorer

An image showing the simplified user interface for Acquisition explorer.

PropTech has officially taken over the real estate industry, with a record $32 billion in capital committed to the sector in 2021 as SFR investors require more advanced insights to better build and manage their portfolios. In a world – and housing market – that’s moving faster than ever, HouseCanary strives to provide enterprise solutions that empower investors to make smarter, quicker decisions on potential acquisitions.

Today, we’re very excited to announce the launch of our revamped Acquisition Explorer, a fully digital solution that enables real estate investors to manage their acquisition pipeline on a national scale more effectively, efficiently, and intelligently.

Go From Search to Purchase in Minutes

Acquisition Explorer helps investors efficiently customize their search criteria by providing a solution that supports fully customized buy boxes across several dimensions, including listing price, location, and neighborhood desirability analytics.

This capability is then combined with an intuitive user interface that supports ongoing management of customized buy boxes, visualization of target properties through an interactive map, and reporting of aggregate market activity. By leveraging HouseCanary’s capabilities as a national brokerage, investors no longer need to parse through individual market data on their own and can instead utilize a scalable and efficient solution to receive accurate, automated information from across the U.S.  Simply put, investors can now expand into new markets at the click of the button

Backed By Trusted Data & Analytics

Powered by HouseCanary’s comprehensive nationwide coverage and proprietary machine learning algorithms, Acquisition Explorer is the latest addition to our suite of Explorer solutions, which enable investors and homebuyers alike to seamlessly research, evaluate and purchase all in one place.

Once desired properties are added to clients’ buy boxes, investors can seamlessly utilize HouseCanary’s Property Explorer and automated valuation model to research, evaluate and purchase their next investment faster and more informed than ever before. The journey doesn’t just stop there – our range of products can help investors and homebuyers monitor their properties post-acquisition, calculate risk and identify additional actionable opportunities within their portfolios.

Be sure to check out Acquisition Explorer today! We look forward to rolling out additional exciting features in the coming months.