Home Values in Red States vs. Blue States: A Growing Divide

With the pending election, we wanted to understand the relationship between home values in red states vs. blue states. We crunched the data, ran regressions and applied the most accurate real estate valuations on the market, to every home in the U.S. The results surprised us – and we know that you will be surprised as well.

What we found is a growing divide in real estate values among currently projected red states and blue states – a trend that has emerged over the past three decades, along with a 3-year forecast that will make you pause.

Who will be our next president – will it be red or blue who wins? That we do not know. But we at HouseCanary can value and forecast residential real estate with the highest degree of accuracy – and, in looking through the lens of politics, we see a growing economic divide. You should see it, too.

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