Locate any US address and append rich real estate data from HouseCanary

We’re excited to announce HouseCanary’s Geocode — a foundational tool that not only provides hyper-accurate map coordinates for any US residential property, but also allows you to enrich your understanding of that property by appending property details and metrics. We solve your geocoding problems so you can focus on innovation!

Unlike other geocode tools that provide only geographic information, HouseCanary allows for the immediate appending of rich property-level data to a specific address.

With a $25 trillion market value, US residential real estate is the world’s largest asset class. Yet despite its massive size and investment potential, the challenges of correctly matching a property address to its precise geographic location have made working with property-level information frustratingly imprecise.

HouseCanary Geocode normalizes and converts a property address to latitude and longitude coordinates. In just a few minutes, you can batch geocode thousands of addresses to map coordinates by either integrating our developer-friendly API or uploading a spreadsheet via Match & Append.

From there, choose from more than 65 additional data points to append to each address. Glean insights such as property value, loan-to-value ratio, and rental value within block, illuminating your understanding of every property in your portfolio.

In the stock and bond markets, the CUSIP and ticker symbol make it simple to identify and dig into any one of the millions of stock, bonds, and securities available to investors. Precise geocoding will have a similar effect for the 100-million-plus US residential properties, allowing for open innovation and making it easy to learn about the vitals of each one. By marrying location accuracy and property data with one simple identifier, HouseCanary Geocode will save engineers, analysts, and traders both time and money plus allow for open communication about real estate assets between all market participants.

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