We’re Launching the HouseCanary Analytics Platform

HouseCanary will begin offering unprecedented access to our industry-leading dataset and analytics available through the HouseCanary Analytics Platform. A single, seamless product portal now grants full access to our proprietary analytics on over 100 million US residential real estate properties. HouseCanary’s Market Explorer (previously called Market Insights Pro) will be included for all Analytics Platform users.

HouseCanary users already uncover home values and forecast entire markets with the highest accuracy, granularity, and speed. Now we’ve brought our whole family of products together to provide you with a better experience. Our new interface makes it possible to conduct due diligence on assets, evaluate properties, analyze trends, and monitor portfolios all in one place. 

HouseCanary is committed to providing the best experience to all of our users. Current clients will notice that product names are changing to reflect improvements, but rest assured you will maintain access to all products in your HouseCanary contract. Any web addresses that change will automatically redirect, and updates to our web interface will make it easier to navigate between HouseCanary products.

Meet the HouseCanary family of products under their new names

Subscribers can pull data from the HouseCanary Analytics Platform using three Explorer tools. Whether you’re acquiring new properties or making calls about homes in your portfolio, data and analytics drive instant insights to support your daily decisions about value assessment and risk management.

Analytics Platform 

  • Data Explorer: On-demand access to raw, property-level data via Excel upload or API
  • Property Explorer: Pinpoint the true value of a home with interactive valuation
  • Market Explorer: Analyze housing cycles, velocity, demographic shifts, and more

Our collection of fast and accurate valuation tools are available on the new product portal as the Agile Suite. The Agile Suite is a range of increasingly hands-on valuation services that eradicate bias to improve hit rate and inform investments. 

Agile Suite

  • Agile Insights: Assess a value pre-appraisal with an automated valuation model
  • Agile Evaluation: Evaluate a home with a human inspection to confirm condition
  • Agile Certified: Protect an investment with a HouseCanary insurance-backed value

As a reference for our those used to our old product names:

  • Match & Append is now Data Explorer
  • Value Report Web is now Property Explorer
  • Market Insights Pro is now Market Explorer
  • Data & Analytics is now Developer Center
  • Order Manager is now Agile Suite
  • Static Value Report is now Agile Insights

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to schedule a brief demo. 

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