New: Market Insights Email for homeowners - Release Notes

We’ve created a new, monthly e-mail campaign called Market Insights.  On the third week of each month, the Market Insights e-mail will be sent to all homeowners that have successfully claimed their home and will encourage them to visit their Homeowner Dashboard to learn about local real estate market trends that may impact the value of their house.  This campaign is meant to be complementary to the existing Homeowner Monthly campaign that we send which is focused on the individual homeowner’s property itself.  

The main goal of this e-mail is to encourage homeowners to regularly interact with the myriad of tools that we offer them, which we believe will help provide insight on how their local real estate market is evolving on a month-to-month basis.  By doubling the amount of campaigns that we send to homeowners on a monthly basis, we believe that we will be able to increase overall retention and engagement for our lender partners. 


Sample email:



Email functionality explained: