Rich real estate insights available instantly for thousand-home portfolios

We’re excited to announce the release of Match & Append, a new solution that provides instant access to HouseCanary’s real estate data without any development effort. Analysts and traders can now easily leverage property, loan, and valuation data to make multi-million dollar investment decisions with speed and confidence.

For financial service professionals who work in spreadsheets, we know that accessing quality data can be an involved and time-intensive process. With Match & Append, rich insights are only a few clicks away, saving you the time and resources involved in an API integration.

Traditionally, buying a property or loan portfolio took weeks of work: BPO’s, site visits, data agreements, models, and more. Now, for a multi-thousand property portfolio spread nationwide, all you need is an address and ZIP code to obtain the most intricate proptery details and metrics including LTV, rental value within the block, school zone information, forecasted value, and much more. Unlock the answers to your toughest questions in as little as 60 seconds:

• How much is your portfolio worth? 
• How much are rental yields? 
• What is the expected HPI growth in 2018?

Match & Append also comes with pre-selected data packages, such as Loan Collateral Analysis and Rental Analysis, giving you access to the most pertinent information for your needs with just one click.

How it works: Simply upload a CSV file with an address and ZIP code for one or more properties, pick and choose the data points you want to add, and we’ll return an appended spreadsheet straight to your desktop.

“Data accessibility has acted as a gatekeeper between the industry’s haves and have-nots. Match & Append allows us to open those gates and bring that information to everyone who needs it, helping the entire industry make business-critical decisions with unprecedented speed and accuracy.”
                                 — Jeremy Sicklick, CEO and Co-founder of HouseCanary

We’re excited to offer our world class data analytics through Match & Append’s easy-to-use interface and to continue advancing accuracy in real estate decisions. To get started with HouseCanary, email us at [email protected].

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