Outpacing the Competition With a Data-Driven Approach

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Staying ahead of the competition is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s over-saturated market. But for Rudy Pierre—a REALTOR® with YellowBrick Real Estate in Stamford, Conn.—adding HouseCanary to the mix has catapulted him to the front of the pack. “It’s my own secret weapon,” says Pierre, who goes on to explain that he has yet to run across any peers in his local market using the product.

An avid HouseCanary user, Pierre notes that the value reports he now has access to have proven to be a true game changer when working with today’s buyers and sellers.

In addition to pulling a report on every property he sells, Pierre also pulls reports he can reference in order to explain where the market is going when sitting at the kitchen table with a seller. “The two-page report has a tremendous amount of information that my clients find helpful come time to make a decision,” says Pierre.

Branded with the agent’s photo and logo, the reports have easily customizable details—including property condition—that update home values and forecasts instantly, giving Pierre and his clients access to unique information not available elsewhere online.

Upping the ante even further is the report’s executive summary, featuring a three-year forecast, which is instrumental in regard to understanding a specific property’s value estimate and range. “Having a product like HouseCanary taking its dataset directly from the MLS and using predictive analytics to layer in mortgage markets, jobs and other sources of housing demand to predict what the market does in the future is appealing to both my buyer and seller clients,” adds Pierre. “Not only is this data a bragging point for sellers since it shows the property is priced within the range of what the market is saying, but the growth forecast provides buyers an additional level of comfort in knowing the property will experience positive growth even if they decide to sell five years down the road.”

Taking advantage of everything HouseCanary has to offer for the past year, Pierre can’t say enough about his relationship with the folks who work behind the scenes—specifically Project Manager Jason Kwok—to ensure the product continues to meet and exceed the needs of real estate professionals across the board as we head toward the future.

“I’ve worked with Jason since the beginning,” says Pierre, “and he is very attentive.” In addition to being able to bounce ideas off one another, Pierre has been in direct communication with the company’s engineers.

“They’re not just providing a take-it-or-leave-it product. In fact, some of my suggestions have been implemented over the course of the past year,” concludes Pierre. “Overall, I have nothing but positive things to say about HouseCanary. It’s been a positive relationship from the get-go.”

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