More Value Report Means More Value, Period: How HouseCanary Value Reports Have Improved

Real estate is a multi-trillion-dollar business that’s also a major pillar of the American economy. And when it comes to understanding the assets — the homes — that collectively uphold the real estate industry, there’s one product that’s head and shoulders above any other: HouseCanary’s Value Report.

Our Value Reports provide deep, data-driven insights and proprietary analytics that determine what any given home is worth in today’s housing market, and how that individual home measures up against other homes on the same block and in the same neighborhood. But even though Value Report uses the best real estate analytics available and generates a beautifully cohesive and easy-to-digest report, we knew there was still room for improvement.

That’s why we’re continuing to finesse the HouseCanary Value Report, making each version more robust, offering more options, and giving users increasing flexibility around our real estate valuations and how they’re used. 

And as Value Report’s value has increased, we’ve adjusted the price to reflect the current changes and make future versions of HouseCanary Value Report even more valuable. Most users won’t see a significant price increase at all.

What’s changed?

HouseCanary’s real estate dataset is the largest and cleanest dataset in the industry. We’re constantly adding new sources of data and streamlining them, and one major update we made involved upgrading the data sources for property details, comparable properties (comps), and historical property and sales information. This ensures that users are receiving a home profile that accurately reflects the most recent data we have about that particular home.

Of course, not every home is purchased for a primary residence — as real estate investing has become an increasingly popular way to build wealth, HouseCanary has updated Value Report to assist those endeavors by adding several rental-specific features. We’ve added rental heat maps and filters as well as rental comps, which give real estate investors a clear picture of the fair-market rent range for millions of homes.

Value Report users also asked for the ability to personalize the reports in different ways. So now they can add commentary to reports, generate shareable links that give visitors either read-only or write access to the reports, compare and adjust the comp grid, add their own price opinion, draw their own radius or shape for comp selection, and more. 

And HouseCanary’s smart photo recognition in Value Report ensures that the most relevant photos of the home appear first, giving the best possible first impression of the property and empowering you to make fast, clear decisions.

Does that cost an arm and a leg?

It’s no secret that products that work better tend to cost more. HouseCanary’s Value Report was already an industry leader before implementing these changes, which have only improved the product. And to support further product growth, we knew we’d have to adjust the price to accommodate the improvements.

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