HouseCanary Product Updates: Sprucing Up For Spring

We have a lot to tell you about security updates, improvements, and new product features we’ve been adding in order to provide you with the best possible experience. 

Property Explorer is twice as fast

We know that efficiency is key in an industry where seconds are dollars, so we got under the hood to improve processing speed in Property Explorer. When we said spring cleaning, we weren’t kidding — Property Explorer reports now load in  half the time.

Property Explorer has three new comparable filters

You asked for more comp filters to sort through large lists, and we listened! Check out these new filters: 

  • Pool — with pool, without pool, or any
  • Garage — with garage, without garage, or any
  • Stories — single story, multi story, or any

Algorithmic improvements to Agile Evaluation accuracy

We’ve introduced algorithmic improvements that drive up the accuracy of valuations in Agile Evaluation. We’ve reduced the error rate for Agile Evaluation results by about  5 percentage points across different populations targeting the tails. 

Unlike traditional tools, we can tell you in advance how confident you can be in a property’s valuation, and we only deliver the very best so that you can trust each one. In order to provide consistent accuracy across your portfolio, we analyze each property and offer Agile Evaluations for those with the highest confidence and deepest insights. As a result Agile Evaluation has a lower error rate than even our trusted AVM. Customers can preview which properties will be included and excluded from an Agile Evaluation order. 

At the national level, we can assure this level of confidence for approximately 60% of properties. We accept a significantly higher proportion of properties with recent market activity, and our acceptance rates are rising. 

Agile Evaluation PDF gets a new look

The Agile Evaluation PDF output is also getting a redesign. The new PDF provides a number of essential new Data Points in a user-friendly format that’s easy to scan. 

In addition to a cosmetic overhaul, we’ve added richer data to the report to give you access to insights you can’t find elsewhere, including: 

  • MLS photos of sold properties and listings to provide more context for comparables
  • FEMA flood risks, FEMA disaster area info, and Superfund sites
  • More detailed neighborhood-level market information such as sale to list price trend and comparable sale price distribution
  • A detailed grid with calculated locational differences and net adjustments
  • Additional estimated value conclusions such as a land value estimate for the property underlying the home and a 30-day quick sale value estimate underlying the home and a 30-day quick sale value estimate

Clarification of Agile Evaluation timelines

All turnaround times are based on business days. Standard Agile Evaluations with exterior inspection are delivered by 5pm PST on the fourth business day after ordering. If ordered prior to the cutoff time of 2pm PST, the order day equals Day 0. 2-Day and 3-Day rush orders are also available and operate on the same system.

For orders placed after 2pm PST, the clock starts on the next business day. For example:

  • A four-day order placed at 1:30pm PST on Monday will deliver by 5pm PST on Friday of the same week
    • Mon = Day 0, Tues = Day 1, Weds = Day 2, Thurs = Day 3, Fri = Day 4
  • A four-day order placed at 2:30pm PST on Monday will deliver by 5pm PST the following Monday
    • Tues = Day 0, Weds = Day 1, Thurs = Day 2, Fri = Day 3, Mon = Day 4

Improvements in Similarity Score and comp selection across products

We’re updating the logic we use to rank comparables, significantly improving the quality of auto-selected comps. The new comp selection logic appears in:

  • Property Explorer
  • Agile Evaluation
  • Agile Insights
  • Legacy API tools

This new score leverages distance and transaction time penalties in addition to property attributes, resulting in even more accurate auto-selected comparables. Agile Insights and Property Explorer will now surface these numerical scores to help you run your analysis. Here’s how it looks in Property Explorer: 

HouseCanary is now certified as SOC 2 compliant

Third party assessment now formally certifies that HouseCanary’s data practices are SOC 2 compliant. SOC 2 evaluates organizations based on five “trust service principles” of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Login credentials can be used from one machine at a time

Customers will no longer be able to use the same user account from multiple points of access at the same time. Since HouseCanary always includes unlimited seats, there’s never a need to share login credentials.  Contact your Client Success team if you’d like our help adding new users to your organization.

New password protection and reset system

Accounts will now lock after three failed login attempts. If you type the wrong password login three times in a row, we will send an email to help you reset your password if needed. If you know your password and just typed it incorrectly three times, you can also wait 10 minutes to try again. We’ve all had our moments with caps lock — we just need to be sure it’s you logging in. 

Domain names have changed to match new product names

As you’ve already seen, some HouseCanary product names changed in alignment with the launch of the Analytics Platform. If this is news to you, catch up on the recent changes with last month’s blog post,  We’re Launching the HouseCanary Analytics Platform

We’ve updated all of our domains to match the new product names:

Please use these links to update your bookmarks. For now, your old links will redirect you to the new web addresses.

We’ve also upgraded our new product hub interface to provide a better experience to existing HouseCanary customers logging into the Platform page. 

HouseCanary constantly evolves to help keep you ahead of the curve

These product and security updates reflect our ongoing commitment to providing the best real estate technology in the industry. We place a high value on input from our customers when we make changes. Our Client Success team exists to ensure that you maximize your experience with HouseCanary products, and they also pass your feedback along to our Product and Engineering teams. Together, we’re reshaping the future of real estate. 

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