REALTOR® Arrian Binnings uses HouseCanary to Unlock Home Valuations

Predictive analytics and the big data revolution have the power to transform the real estate industry in the coming years, and acclaimed REALTOR® and luxury property specialist, Arrian Binnings, with Payton + Binnings, knows exactly why.

In the video, Binnings highlights how he uses HouseCanary’s property and market insights to unlock “the why” behind home values.

By leveraging our massive data pool and powerful analytics, Arrian can strengthen his own expertise, transforming his repertoire for arriving at accurate home valuations.

“With HouseCanary, they’re not trying to tell us what the number is, they’re trying to give us information so we can marry that with our own expertise to come up with the number ourselves,” Binnings explains.

Our platform supplies Arrian with an array of data points that not only provide him a reliable means to show both buyers and sellers how the market is valuing a home, but also help him arrive at valuations quicker and with more confidence.

“There’s a faster way to arrive at value conclusions, and as agents, that’s what we need.”

In the video, Arrian underlines the benefits of our Comparative Market Analysis, which is just one of the many tools in the HouseCanary platform that augments a realtor’s knowledge and provides them the information they need to make high-level valuations.

“I can say after road testing HouseCanary for the last six months that it definitely has added a lot of value to my business.”

Watch the video to find out more!

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