HouseCanary Announces Collaboration with Google Cloud Platform

The San Francisco-based predictive analytics company will help hedge funds, retailers, and other real estate investors maximize the return on their investment decisions by revealing market opportunities, risks, and trends through Google Cloud Platform.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 9, 2017 – HouseCanary, Inc., a provider of real estate insights and predictive analytics, is excited to announce today its collaboration with Google Cloud Platform Commercial Datasets. HouseCanary will power residential real estate datasets for Google Cloud Platform.

HouseCanary’s predictive data analytics engine processes thousands of data elements spanning 40 years of historical data and one billion residential real estate transactions. HouseCanary indexes, standardizes, and analyzes the data to forecast home-price valuations and market trends for 3 million residential blocks, 18,000 zip codes, and 381 U.S. metropolitan areas. Using the latest machine learning and data modeling techniques, HouseCanary’s team of data scientists and engineers have developed the industry-leading approach to modernize the residential real estate market.

“Making HouseCanary’s platform available in the cloud gives investors greater access to a vast amount of real estate data and analyses they can act on in real time,” said Jeremy Sicklick, CEO of HouseCanary, “By joining the Google Cloud Technology Partner program, HouseCanary is expanding its services to help businesses of all sizes understand different real estate markets around the country and modernize how they make investment and lending decisions.”

On Google Cloud Platform, HouseCanary will provide industry professionals with trends, insights, and indices for nearly every MSA, zip code, and block in the country today and three years into the future. From retailers looking to place the next one hundred stores on the right block to rental investors seeking properties with optimal return on investment, professionals use HouseCanary data to gain precision never before possible. The company’s proprietary datasets are exclusively available on and now through Google.

HouseCanary’s service extends the capabilities of Google Cloud Platform allowing users to access nationwide and localized residential real estate data. For more information on HouseCanary’s offering, go to

About HouseCanary

Founded in 2013, HouseCanary’s mission is to help people make better real estate decisions. Built on a foundation of great data, powerful models, and predictive analytics, the HouseCanary platform aggregates millions of data elements, including more than four decades of property data and a rapidly expanding arsenal of proprietary calculations and analytics, to accurately define and forecast values and market influences. HouseCanary is financed by notable investors, including Hillspire (Alphabet Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt’s family office), Alpha Edison, ECA Ventures, Raven Ventures, and other top Silicon Valley investors. The company is headquartered in San Francisco. Visit the company’s website


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