Our products transform data into deep insights for individual buyers and real estate professionals

Pinpoint the value and risk of specific properties

  • Purpose-built for lenders, investors, and real estate professionals
  • On demand access to the industry’s most accurate home valuations, forecasts and market analytics - simply enter a home address
  • Proven to reduce risk, improve results, and accelerate better decisions at every stage of the transaction
  • NEW - Edit property details to reflect the latest condition and add or remove comps to include the most relevant properties

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Enterprises: Learn how to use our data to support your workflow

Example of a HouseCanary Value Report

Perform appraisals on site, eliminating the time spent on research

  • Capture evidence and analysis at the property site
  • Choose from the set of relevant comps in the area
  • Automatically generate reports required by lenders, buyers, and government agencies

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Example of the HouseCanary Appraiser on iOS device

Explore real estate trends by zip code

  • Build an understanding of the local market with big data
  • See into the future with forecasts based on millions of data points
  • Annual subscriptions to markets available from $999 per month

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An example of HouseCanary Pro

Fine tune your business with our comprehensive data set

  • Explore the most comprehensive property and market-based data set available
  • Forecast price change in markets and neighborhoods, underwrite loans, analyze and grow your business
  • Make confident decisions backed by information is aways current and available

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A fun visualization of HouseCanary's Analytics flow

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