Update: Auto Save Properties on share and CTA click

Now, when a signed in and registered user either shares or clicks the main CTA within a property detail page, we auto save the property to the user’s account.  This allows the user to come back to the platform and more easily refer back to a property that he or she is interested in, and begin to trigger all of our property notifications and emails associated with the property.  


The main goal is to drive actionable insights and updates to our users who are interested in specific properties.  Additionally, with this functionality, we will be able to increase repeat usage of the platform, which helps with retention and pull-through of customers for our lender partners.



Functionality Explained:

  • On click of the Main CTA (in this case “get pre-approved”), we automatically save the property in the users account.
  • Once a user shares the property by clicking send in the share modal, we save the property to the user’s account.  
  • A modal is displayed to all users who share. For registered and signed in users, the message displays that the property was saved. For non-signed in users, we prompt them to sign up or sign in.