Q2 2022 Product Updates and Enhancements

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As we approach the half-way mark of 2022, it’s possible that we may be reaching a turning point in the housing market environment, as interest rates climb, and global inflation continues to rise, giving way to slower price growth as well as a potential shift in supply and demand.

This changing tide can create important touch points with homeowners and prospective buyers alike, as well as SFR investors, as they look to make decisions around their greatest assets.

Our team at HouseCanary has been hard at work striving to be the most trusted and reliable platform for residential real estate decision making. As we continue to invest in our core products, we are proud to highlight exciting new and upgraded features that can help home buyers and investors make better decisions across the investment, valuation, and analytics space.

ComeHome by HouseCanary, our co-branded customer engagement platform for the entire consumer homeownership journey, has seen significant upgrades to include new features.  

These features include Your Team which gives users an easy way to contact their LO, and if applicable, their Real Estate Agent. Call-To-Action (CTA), now allows customers to create relevant calls-to-action throughout the ComeHome experience with customized imagery and CTA text, all using your native brand attributes.

Further, we added the HELOC Data Solution, which creates comprehensive underwriting grade automated valuations and analytics to pre-underwrite HELOC and evaluations that are FIRREA compliant. This is a tool that may become increasingly popular as interest rates continue to rise and refinances lose popularity.

For a more user-friendly platform, we updated the ComeHome by HouseCanary homepage with deeper context and direction to guide the consumer throughout their process.

HouseCanary Solutions has also upgraded elements of our product offerings, including Acquisition Explorer, Property Explorer, Agile Evaluations and Order Manager.

Acquisition Explorer now provides users the option to view aggregated metrics as well as the ability to utilize the latest feature in the program, HouseCanary Transaction Services, which provided timely offer writing, expert local market guidance, intuitive user interface to enter offer parameters and a matching process to craft a holistic purchase process for customers from start to finish.

The updates to Property Explorer include a modern PDF design, easier-to-access property data, and enhanced comparable data to allow for improved export functionality and report creation as well as the ability for users to embed Property Explorer data natively into workflows.

For our Agile Evaluations and Order Manager tools, we have completely redesigned our Interior Agile Evaluation report to provide a cleaner, more consumable report that can be used to accurately assess property values. Further, we improved upon our Order Manager API functionality to allow clients to fully embed HouseCanary’s valuation suite of products into their existing operational workflows.

We are proud to unveil these new features, and will continue to create improvements to our products that allow investors (and other market participants) to fully leverage all of HouseCanary’s data and analytics capabilities, to provide a frictionless experience for our clients going forward.

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