HouseCanary Data Points Part III: Rental Analysis

Rental analysis Data Points from HouseCanary provide the most relevant details for single-family rental (SFR) investment operations. It takes a lot of time and resources to identify that properties fit your acquisition profile, to confirm which properties are lowest-risk and highest-yield, and to know that a given housing market is a favorable rental investment. Rental Data Points streamline your research. HouseCanary presents vastly more information on individual properties than you’ll find on consumer real estate portals, including our proprietary Canary Rental Index, rental value calculations, and rental price index forecasts.

This article is part three of a four-part series. Explore how to use HouseCanary’s property valuation tools to make wiser business decisions with HouseCanary Data Points Part I: Valuation. Discover other ways HouseCanary can support your business in HouseCanary Data Points Part II: Forecasting and HouseCanary Data Points Part IV: Market Analysis.Premium rental Data Points

HouseCanary’s proprietary rental valuation models work in tandem with our home valuation models support your rental investment decisions. Trust HouseCanary’s Rental Report and key rental Data Points to determine what a property will rent for.

  • Rental Report  — rental data for the subject property and nearby comparable properties
  • Rental Value  — HouseCanary’s proprietary rental valuation model, updated monthly
  • Rental Value Distribution  — block and block group-level summaries of local rental property values per square foot
  • Rental Value Forecast  — forecasted rental values 

Data Points for additional property valuation context

We also inform you about the relative rental value of properties of interest and nearby properties, empowering you to make wise investment decisions.

  • Rental Value Within Block  — position of rental property values relative to block

Data Points on rental market outlook

SFR cash flow depends on a favorable rental market. Our models run rent prices ten years back and one year into the future based on rental values in our extensive dataset. The Canary Rental Index (CRI) calculates the value you could earn back in the first year of owning a rental property, based on HouseCanary rental price indices (RPI) relative to home price indices.

  • Canary Rental Index  — HouseCanary’s proprietary metric for gross rental yield at the state, MSA, ZIP code, block group, or block level
  • RPI Forecast  — HouseCanary’s proprietary returns forecast based on ZIP-level RPI
    • forecast rental value appreciation based on 12-month RPI forecast
    • historical max percent loss in RPI over any 12-month period 
    • risk that this market’s RPI will be lower in 12 months
  • RPI Historical — HouseCanary’s proprietary returns history based on ZIP-level RPI
    • historical compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for 1, 5, and 10 years
    • rental value appreciation based on RPI for the last 1, 5, and 10 years
  • RPI Time Series Forecast — one-year forecast of monthly rental price index values for the state, MSA, and ZIP code
  • RPI Time Series Historical  — historical time series of monthly rental price index values for the state, MSA, and ZIP code

Streamline your rental research with HouseCanary

SFR investment decisions and exit strategies depend on mountains of data, but extended research adds costs and slows you down. HouseCanary curates all of the data for you and provides analytics to answer complex questions at a glance. Whether you’re monitoring an SFR portfolio, reviewing non-performing loan (NPL) or reperforming loan (RPL) collateral, or considering properties for purchase, HouseCanary helps you act quickly and efficiently. Check out our comprehensive API documentation to see what else is available.

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