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Analyze with efficiency

Streamline your application screening process with the accurate, consistent, and widely accepted gold standard in valuations.

We curate and normalize data to inform property and rental valuation products ranging from instant automated values to evaluations with inspection and risk transfer.

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Underwrite with confidence

Profitable underwriting decisions depend on access to the most accurate valuations and risk data. Support your team with tools that get them the best available real estate data.

Understand current value, after-repair value, and rent with a state of the art desktop valuation tool that provides confidence scores, heat maps, and the ability to select your own comps.

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Our condition-informed evaluation is the fast, reliable way to value homes. We’ve gained acceptance from major warehouse lenders, and even offer risk transfer.

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Monitor and manage

Constant market changes make it crucial to track current and future property values and risks. Maximize your returns with the most accurate and up-to-date dataset.

We offer the wealth of HouseCanary Data Points about the risks and trends that impact your bottom line. We’ll set up custom analysis tools to support and empower your team.

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We build groundbreaking technologies to improve and accelerate residential real estate operations.