Q3 2022 Product Updates and Enhancements

HouseCanary Product Newsletter

As we approach the final months of 2022, we continue to see decelerating price growth, decreasing sale-to-list ratio, and an increase in days on market which are all signals of a potential market normalization on the horizon as both buyer and seller activity continue to cooldown. During this  volatile real estate market, we’ve been hard at work improving our core products to ensure every market participant has the most accurate data possible to help navigate these uncertain times.

In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, we highlight some exciting new and upgraded features that can help you make better decisions across the investment, valuation, and analytics space – as well as features that may help you enhance engagement with your customers in the months to come. 


New Releases & Updates: HouseCanary Solutions 

Acquisition Explorer: In Q3, we announced expanded geographic coverage of our Transaction Solutions capabilities for 96% coverage of the Top 150 MSA’s in the US. These updates establish timely offer writing, expert local market guidance, and an easy purchase process from start to finish, in addition to aggregating listing activity within Acquisition Explorer.

Property Explorer: Our team has completely redesigned the Property Explorer PDF with a modern UI, easier-to-access property information, and enhanced comparable analytics. The PDF has been updated to closely align with modern design patterns, offering an optional personalization display, additional visual AVM value displays, increased detailed transaction histories, and a new comparable comparison table view. Additionally, we will be releasing a new AVM breakdown section on the report page to help users better understand how factors such as square footage, bedroom count, bathroom count, lot size, and more add or subtract from the baseline value.

Data Explorer: We’re excited to share that we’ve released new capabilities within our Data Explorer API, including the ability for users to analyze individual property valuations at varying condition levels. Our new Value by 6 Conditions endpoint helps you make key buying and portfolio decisions by assessing the current property condition and modeling various scenarios. Further, this endpoint allows you to determine the value of the property based on the current condition of the property as determined by HouseCanary’s proprietary algorithms.

Improved Platform Design: We have a new HouseCanary Solutions platform design which provides easier navigation and aligns with Acquisition Explorer and Data Explorer design treatment. 


New Releases & Updates: ComeHome by HouseCanary

Propensity to Sell: The propensity to sell modal allows homeowners to let HouseCanary and their lenders know if they are likely to sell their property. In this new update, we display a modal for homeowners who we’ve deemed likely to sell and ask them to confirm, creating more opportunities for lenders.

Widget SSO Support: For lenders using SSO for authentication, HouseCanary can now support using our IDP or SP flows through our new widget. This allows individuals to use ComeHome without a second action triggering sign in, and allows lenders to understand user behavior after entering the experience via a widget. 

Partner API Updates: Our lenders can now create, update or delete saved searches associated with their users, allowing for the most contextual information to be delivered to their customers using our /saved_search endpoint.

Analytics API Updates: Lenders can build email triggers and automated workflows when a user saves a property using our /saved_home endpoint within the analytics API.

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