Unlock accurate property values, value forecasts, and even unique LTV details via API or spreadsheet match and append.

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Comprehensive Dataset

Valuations for 100 million residential properties. Home Price Indices for 381 metros, 18,000 ZIP Codes, and 4 million blocks covering 90%+ of the U.S. market. Make investment decisions based on 40-year historic volatility information and 3-year forecast.

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Unbeatable Accuracy

Optimize your investment strategy using the most accurate real estate valuation models available. Machine learning algorithms process 100s of data sources to provide HPI forecasts with an unmatched 0.7% error rate over 12 month forecast.

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API or Spreadsheet

Access our entire dataset on-demand, integrating in minutes with our Analytics API, or delivered as a spreadsheet by our Match & Append tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the $200 credit work?
After you create an account, you can access data from any Analytics API endpoint for up to $200 FREE. For each successful API call you make, we’ll deduct the list price of that endpoint from your $200 free credit. No payment or credit card information required. Start your free trial today.
What happens after my free trial ends?
When you run out of credit, the API will return a 400 error that reads “insufficient credit for this request”. You’ll need to log in and add billing information to continue using the API.
When can I expect my first bill?
We automatically charge the credit card you have on file starting 30 days from when you enter your billing information. Your billing cycle is recurring on a monthly basis.
Does my billing change every month?
Your monthly cost is based on usage, which may fluctuate each month. If you’d like to have a standard annual contract, contact us for a subscription plan.
How do I use the API?
Check out our quickstart guide to get up and running - you can sign up and start making requests in minutes, completely free. Our API docs go in-depth on all the available data and how you can access it.
How does billing work?
Your monthly cost is based on your usage, which may fluctuate each month. Your billing cycle is recurring on a monthly basis, starting 30 days from when you enter your billing information. Contact us for annual billing options and discounts

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