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  • Build an understanding of the local market with big data
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Why is HouseCanary Pro Necessary to Maximize Value?

Real estate markets have become more complex...returns vary widely between adjacent submarkets, volatility and risk are increasing, and change is occurring more rapidly than ever before.

Professional real estate investors have long been plagued with incomplete, disparate, complex data sets that, at best, color their perspective on the past, yet fall short of predicting the future.

HouseCanary Pro enables better decision-making, allowing investors to create returns that outpace the market. We do this by providing insights at the market, submarket and house-level, allowing for an unparalleled understanding of the market. By having a forecast for asset values for up to 36 months into the future, you have the leading analytics at your fingertips to make tough decisions.

  • Build an understanding of the local market with big data.
  • See into the future with predictive forecasts.
  • Create more value through disciplined decision-making.
  • Optimize product and community execution by understanding the consumer perspective.

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