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Perform appraisals on site, eliminating the time spent on research and reporting


  • circle Capture evidence and analysis at the property site
  • circle Choose from the set of relevant comps in the area
  • circle Automatically generate reports required by lenders, buyers, and government agencies

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MLS Availability

In HouseCanary, we will automatically import data from your MLS. Use the map below to see if your MLS is available. If it is not available, request it here.
Updated 2/22/2017

The Time is Right For a New Way to Appraise

Over the last decade, we have been through the most tumultuous real estate cycle in history. Over $7 Trillion in value was destroyed.

Through this experience we learned that in appraising real estate values we need more focus on market risk, more focus on how risk impacts value, and more focus on the overall risk of the collateral.

“We are still approaching one of the biggest asset classes in the country... with guesstimates and 1970's technology.”
Appraisal Institute Member

The time is appraise real estate with greater focus on objective and accurate valuation techniques, to use consistent measures and approaches, and to efficiently use data and technology to improve each and every appraisal.

Our Solution

Choose an Appraiser Plan That's Right for You


Up to 25 Appraisals


billed annually
$99 if billed monthly


Up to 50 Appraisals


billed annually
$149 if billed monthly


Up to 100 Appraisals


billed annually
$229 if billed monthly


If you appraise properties in large volumes, please contact us for enterprise plans.

How We Work With Banks & Appraisal Management Companies


Evaluate potential loans

Analyze valuation complexity of new homes with HouseCanary's Property Score. Save money & time by ordering the most fitting valuation product / assigning an appraisal most efficiently.


Effortlessly order an appraisal

Add new appraisal assignments in your current work management systems.


Appraiser assignment

HouseCanary Appraiser will dynamically pull new assignments from integrated AMCs, and assign to appraisers with all the information they need.


Appraisal process

Your appraisers execute the inspection and fill out standard appraisal forms using our iPad app, web application, or both. Our platform is 'form' agnostic, streamlining the production of alternative valuation products with an infinite number of output configurations, for both Appraisals and Broker Price Opinions.


Appraisal submission

Appraisers submit digital copies of their work on standard appraisal forms. Revision requests can be received and fulfilled directly through the app until the appraisal is completed.



Once completed and approved, appraisals, are archived in the app for future reference and analytics.


Reduce cost through the lifecycle of a loan from:

  • circle-check Reviewing subjective calculations and adjustments
  • circle-check Comparing inconsistent measures and approaches
  • circle-check Defending repurchased demands

What Our Clients Are Saying

“HouseCanary empowers the residential appraiser with the type of robust analytics and integrated data services that has previously been reserved for the lending and investor community.”
Chief Appraiser of a National Appraisal Company

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