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Comprehensive Dataset

Valuations for 100 million residential properties. Home Price Indices for 381 metros, 18,000 ZIP Codes, and 4 million blocks covering 90%+ of the U.S. market. Make investment decisions based on 40-year historic volatility information and 3-year forecast.

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Unbeatable Accuracy

Optimize your investment strategy using the most accurate real estate valuation models available. Machine learning algorithms process 100s of data sources to provide HPI forecasts with an unmatched 0.7% error rate over 12 month forecast.

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API or Spreadsheet

Access our entire dataset on-demand, integrating in minutes with our Analytics API, or delivered as a spreadsheet by our Match & Append tool.

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Pay as you go

Use our pricing calculator to estimate your monthly costs

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The estimated fees provided by the Pricing Calculator are for discussion purposes only and are not binding on either you or HouseCanary. Your actual fees may be higher or lower than the estimate. A more detailed and specific list of fees will be provided at time of sign up.

Enterprise Pricing

Earn savings by signing up for a subscription plan. Contact us for details.

Getting Started. API or Match & Append

Integrate an API or add data to an existing spreadsheet using the Match and Append tool:
  1. Sign up for a HouseCanary account.
  2. Select “Get API Access” and fill out the required fields.
  3. Choose how you’d like to access the data: via API or Match and Append.

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Asked Questions

What is the Analytics API?
The Analytics API enables you to access our comprehensive data set in real time, and integrate it into your own tools or applications. For example, an investment company wishing to send out monthly updates on home values could integrate the Analytics API into their tools to obtain this value.
How easy is it to use/access your API?
Using our Analytics API is simple. Make a request to one of our API endpoint URLs with a street address and ZIP Code and immediately receive details in a JSON formatted response.
Are there any setup fees?
There are no setup fees associated with Analytics API. Our endpoints are modular, so you'll only need to pay for the specific data you need.
Can I use the Analytics API on a commercial website?
HouseCanary encourages the integration of our data set within your products and tools. If you display data from a HouseCanary API publicly, you are required to use proper naming and branding to assure proper attribution to HouseCanary. For additional details please visit our attribution page.

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