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Pinpoint the value
of single-family homes and condos

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Instantly Customize Reports

Value Reports are instantly available and customizable. From the moment you click "View Full Report", you have the ability to dynamically adjust property details to reflect current or future condition and modify property details. You can even add your headshot and logo when presenting to a client.

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Analyze Comparable Sales

Don't limit comparative market analyses to recent sales if it means looking outside of your given market – values can fluctuate wildly within just a few miles. Value Report locates the most similar local homes sold in the last four years and automatically adjusts price from the sale date.

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Access Via Web, Excel, or API

Join leading institutional investors utilizing Value Report via API or spreadsheet Match & Append to service, securitize, and manage large portfolios of real estate. Now you can quickly access the industry’s most accurate home valuations and market analytics for 100M+ U.S. properties in bulk.

Choose a Value Report
plan that’s right for you


10 Value Reports


per month
billed annually
$59 if billed monthly


20 Value Reports


per month
billed annually
$99 if billed monthly


50 Value Reports


per month
billed annually
$199 if billed monthly
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If you evaluate properties in large volumes, please
contact us for enterprise plans and solutions.

Value Report + Inspection

  • circle Best-in-class approach combines human eyes to judge condition and HouseCanary's industry-leading analytics to determine value
  • circle At $59 (+$5 for rural address) per property, priced competitively to BPOs and Evaluation Reports
  • circle Receive your condition-informed valuation reports in 2-4 days

Get a valuation you can trust

Whether you need to evaluate a potential real estate investment, keep track of the value of real estate you own, or provide accurate valuations for servicing and securitization, the HouseCanary Value Report gives you an accurate and grounded valuation of your property.

See all the answers in one place
The executive summary provides the details you need about the property, its value and its 3-year forecast.
Comprehensive property details
Gain an in-depth understanding of the property and its sales history.
Market leading valuation
Understand the property's value estimate and range. Gain confidence using HouseCanary Property Score® and visualize the property's value against its 10 closest comparables.
Market direction
Learn how the property's value is likely to change over the next 3 years.
Example of HouseCanary metrics
Example of HouseCanary metrics
Example of HouseCanary metrics
Example of HouseCanary metrics
Have confidence in your property's value
Our valuation is grounded in data from many sources, including county assessor records, MLS listings, and consumer, regional, and behavioral metrics.
Better data set for comparison
We select comparables objectively, using the HouseCanary Similarity score® algorithm. We look at properties listed or sold in the last 4 years, and adjust their sale price to represent current values.
Clear visualizations
View all the details in maps and data tables for the most similar closed sales and active listings.
Neighborhood consistency
Learn how this property's attributes rank with others in the neighborhood, so you can better understand its relative value.
Example of HouseCanary house sale data
Identify opportunities and risks going forward
Learn about the local market and potential future price changes.
Reliable forecasting
Gain insight into how the price will change over the next 3 years and understand the risk of a downturn in the local market with HouseCanary Proprietary Price Forecasts®.
Market environment
Understand whether the property is in a buyer's or seller's market. See how the market is changing up to the minute.
Example of HouseCanary market reports and forecasting
Example of market status
Example of market status

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