Leverage big data to value collateral and assess risk

Whether you are trading whole loans or SFR securities, HouseCanary delivers the answers you need.

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Comprehensive Dataset

Valuations for 100 million residential properties. Home Price Indices for 381 metros, 18,000 ZIP Codes, and 4 million blocks covering 90%+ of the U.S. market. Make investment decisions based on 40-year historic volatility information and 3-year forecast.

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Unbeatable Accuracy

Optimize your investment strategy using the most accurate real estate valuation models available. Machine learning algorithms process 100s of data sources to provide HPI forecasts with an unmatched 0.7% error rate over 12 month forecast.

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Via Web, API or Excel

Access analytics and valuations through our USPAP-Compliant Agile AppraisalTM, via our integrated Analytics API, delivered as a spreadsheet by our Match & Append tool, or as local trends analysis with HouseCanary PRO.