November 2, 2018

HouseCanary Invites Mortgage Lenders to ComeHome

An image of the ComeHome by HouseCanary platform

HouseCanary Inc. today launched ComeHome, a proprietary platform built for mortgage lenders to attract, retain and convert customers into their suite of loan products. ComeHome creates a seamless experience that puts lenders directly in front of prospective buyers at the beginning of their home search and establishes a productive, ongoing relationship with homeowner customers around their largest asset.

ComeHome is a co-branded mobile and desktop experience that offers an integrated digital home shopping and homeowner experience embedded into mortgage lenders’ existing digital properties – both websites and native mobile apps.

“Lenders are seeking deeper relationships with their customers,” said Jeremy Sicklick, HouseCanary’s founder and CEO. “ComeHome allows lenders to quickly and easily offer powerful online home-search and homeowner capabilities in their own environment. There is no need for the lender’s customer to visit multiple websites; they never leave your environment, you retain them all the way through the process.”

For home buyers, ComeHome integrates fully featured property search tools straight into the lender’s existing digital products by coupling property search with loan products for an integrated experience from search through loan transaction. The lender is joining the customer in their home buying journey at the very beginning of the home search process, instead of buying their way in at the end when it could be too late, too competitive, and too expensive.

ComeHome for homeowners opens up more opportunities for lenders to engage more frequently with their existing customers. It allows current customers, both mortgage and depository, to understand and responsibly manage their most valuable asset – their home – and take advantage of any offers around first mortgage, refinance, and home equity line of credit (HELOC) opportunities, right in the lender’s ecosystem.

Crucially, the value that drives ComeHome’s search, home equity, and home improvement functionality ties to the same algorithms that drive its cutting-edge qualified evaluations. For a growing subset of loans, customers will have near-instant closing certainty for purchases, refinances, and home equity products.

Tying the experience together is ComeHome’s messaging and alerting API, which allows the lender to stay in contact with their customers around property-specific alerts and market changes on an ongoing basis via email and mobile push alerts.

In preparation for the launch, HouseCanary subjected the ComeHome platform to numerous third-party onboarding and security audits, which passed the rigorous testing required by systemically important financial institutions. HouseCanary is Soc 2 Type I and Type II certified, and all customer-facing experiences are ADA accessibility-compliant.

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