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We make real estate valuations transparent
Why is one home worth more than its neighbors? Our insights tell you the story behind the numbers.
Actionable insights into residential property
We provide in-depth data and background information for millions of homes in the US so that investors and other real estate professionals can make educated decisions about those properties.
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Understand the ‘why’ behind a home’s value
From the land that a home sits on to the view from the back porch to the market where it’s located, we provide in-depth context to back up our real estate valuations.
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Pinpoint a property’s value
Four decades of transaction and sales data, plus hundreds of data points from a wide range of sources combine to produce the most accurate valuations for millions of homes across the country.
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Objectivity through 
machine learning
Our models use artificial intelligence to maximize objectivity, ensuring a consistent experience from valuation to valuation that can serve as a solid foundation for your business process.
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The data you need for millions of homes across the US
Multiple data sources to ensure that our coverage of US housing stock is as comprehensive as possible. And we provide a confidence rating that lets you see at a glance how complete our data is for any property.
Request a demo
Reach out to test drive our Analytics Platform and Agile Suite of products.
How many properties do you evaluate per month, regardless of the number that you buy? This can include AVM, BPO, appraisals, or other evaluation methods.