Technologies for the entire residential real estate ecosystem

We build advanced data curation tools, valuation models, and user experiences to help clients identify and transact on properties more quickly and intelligently.

Algorithms best suited to finding the signal in noise

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The complex and scattered nature of real estate records makes research and analysis challenging. Our artificially intelligent algorithms analyze a vast array of data and synthesize meaningful insights from those diverse inputs.

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Software that 
improves itself

The residential real estate industry is always growing and shifting. The analytical machines that we build are powered by machine learning — continually improving their own performance based on new data.

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Intelligent image recognition

The time it takes to have people review images adds up to significant spending. Our engineers have trained our neural network to identify the type of room shown in an image and assess home condition based on photos.

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The industry’s most clean and comprehensive dataset

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Real estate records vary from place to place, sometimes conflict, and require the context of local markets and other risk factors. We normalize and curate data from thousands of sources, ensuring accuracy with artificially intelligent and manual quality control systems.

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We build groundbreaking technologies to improve and accelerate residential real estate operations.