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HouseCanary is a brokerage founded on valuations

We’ve coined the term valuation-focused brokerage to describe how our industry-leading valuation models and best-in-class software help our clients identify and transact on properties. Our coverage of millions of homes in the US helps investors, real estate professionals, homeowners, and home buyers all make educated decisions about those properties.

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We tell you the why behind a home’s value

Why is one home worth more than its neighbors? Our technologies reveal the story behind the numbers. From the land that a home sits on to the view from the back porch to the market where it’s located, we show our work to back up our real estate valuations.

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We promote efficiency and wise decisions

Our AI-driven automated valuation models deliver highly accurate valuations that serve as a reliable foundation for your real estate investment and transaction decisions. Our models improve themselves over time with machine learning, ensuring that our technologies adapt quickly to change, whether it comes from Washington and Wall Street.

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We bring enterprise-class tools to lending customers

Our brokerage website and transaction platform educates and inspires consumer clients with enterprise-class tools that facilitate home buying and home improvement decisions. Partner with HouseCanary to deliver best-in-class experiences to your lending customers.

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We build groundbreaking technologies to improve and accelerate residential real estate operations.