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About Us

We help people make better real estate decisions. Eight words that drive everything we do.

What We Do


We Build Amazing Data

Great data is required for the analytics we do. We have built, and will continue to build, the most comprehensive real estate data set in the marketplace. Every data element we include is based on clear reasoning for why this factor matters. We track the most specific details about a given property, the broadest macroeconomic factors, and everything in between. Our data infrastructure aggregates 1,000's of data elements from a broad set of data sources. Over 50% of the data we use is based on our own proprietary data calculations as well as data feedback loops from having our products in the market.


We Forecast The Impossible

We use models and enduring data relationships to accurately see into the future. Our team of PhD statisticians and data scientists use the latest in machine learning and predictive analytics to understand relationships. We build models that have and continue to work accurately over the last 40 years. With great data and predictive tools we can be much better prepared for the future.


We Design Technological Products That Are Needed Most

Great data and predictive models are not enough. The information needs to help you create value. We translate our information into products focused on helping our clients better understand their investment and create value. Whether you are a Fortune 100 bank, a homebuilder, or appraise homes for a living, we have built products that are focused on directly helping you. Our products help our clients with their biggest needs, yet there are many more products we know we need to build. We work hard to prioritize product development based on client needs.

Why We Do It

It started with a business executive and a data scientist, who came together with one mission:

“Imagine...what we would do, if we could understand where real estate prices are going.”

When we looked at the available tools, we saw data aggregators charging exorbitant prices for incomplete bits of raw data, we saw analysts ineffectively using rear-view looking information to make forward-looking projections, and most information was only available at a county level that lacked the street-level local relevance.

We saw a need a to bring better information, analytical rigor, sophistication, and tools to the $20 Trillion US residential real estate market made up of 140M homes, 25,000 zip codes and 80,000 blocks. We knew it would take a different kind of company to build it. That's why we founded HouseCanary.

Who We Are

Do the impossible together.

Our team is made up of some of the brightest and most dedicated data real estate strategists, statisticians, software engineers, and designers in the world.

Executive Team
An employee photo of CEO & Co-Founder Jeremy Sicklick
Jeremy Sicklick
CEO & Co-Founder

Jeremy is the co-founder and CEO at HouseCanary. He drives the company's vision, strategy and growth to identify interesting and unique ways for leading corporations, investors and individual homeowners to use data to maximize their value in real estate. Jeremy was previously a Partner & Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group where he helped leading real estate investors deploy billions in capital. In looking for ways to better predict real estate prices Jeremy began collaborating with Chris and Key in 2013. Jeremy received his MBA from The Wharton School, and his BS in Accounting from the University of Southern California with highest honors.

An employee photo of Chief of Research & Co-Founder Chris Stroud
Chris Stroud
Chief of Research & Co-Founder

Chris is the co-founder and Head of Research at HouseCanary. He leads the research team in creating the most accurate predictive analytics through machine learning, dynamic modeling and cloud computing. Chris draws on his previous experience as an economist and his dissertation research on Dynamic Models of Financial Risk. He earned BA and MA degrees in Economics at UC Santa Barbara, and was pursuing his PhD at the University of Texas San Antonio prior to founding HouseCanary.

An employee photo of CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER Jim Adams
Jim Adams

Jim is the Chief Technology Officer at HouseCanary. He leads the engineering team and ensures the execution and success of the HouseCanary's products. Jim has a long history of delivering cutting-edge engineering projects. He has built everything from the Kepler spacecraft to video games. Prior to coming to HouseCanary, Jim was the Director of Mobile Shopping at Amazon. He's been the CTO of Kixeye, a San Francisco gaming company. He was the director of engineering at CCP Games in Atlanta and the Lead Program Manager for several NASA and DoD programs. Prior to receiving degrees in Computer Science and Psychology from the University of Colorado, Jim was a US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician.

An employee photo of CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Paul Wehrley
Paul Wehrley

As the COO at HouseCanary, Paul is responsible for the daily business operations of the company. Prior to HouseCanary, Paul founded, operated, and sold two venture-backed companies in Ivy and Clicker; and helped grow three public companies to be global top 10 Comscore properties in CBS Interactive, IAC, and Paul started his career at a San Francisco technology-focused investment bank as an M&A analyst. Paul received his BA in Economics from Stanford University.

An employee photo of EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES Hal Bennett
Hal Bennett

Hal Bennett is Executive Vice President of Sales at HouseCanary, Inc. where his team drives solution sales to key customers in various segments, including financial services, realtors, appraisal companies and ecosystem partners. Hal joined HouseCanary after a successful sales leadership career at various companies including Amazon Web Services, Symantec, Adobe and IBM. A native New Englander, Hal graduated from Dartmouth College and now lives with his wife, Patti in Burlingame, California. Their children, Randy and Jamie, are college graduates, working in New York City. In his spare time, Hal plays tenor saxophone, enjoys all outdoor activities and is still an avid Boston sports fan.

An employee photo of SVP & Head of Product Chris Conway
Chris Conway
SVP & Head of Product

As SVP & Head of Product at HouseCanary, Chris leads the product team in building powerful analytic tools that help people make better real estate decisions. Chris has 10+ years’ experience creating innovative consumer internet products. Most recently, Chris was SVP Product at Sindeo, an online mortgage marketplace. As an early hire at Trulia, Chris led the core consumer product experience and launched Trulia’s rentals and mortgage marketplaces. Previously, Chris launched new product lines at Nextag, a comparison shopping site, and was a senior engineer at a Cisco-backed technology consulting firm. Chris has an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA from Yale University.

An employee photo of Chief marketing officer Martin Morzynski
Martin Morzynski
Chief marketing officer

As CMO at HouseCanary, Martin leads the company’s brand, digital acquisition and demand gen efforts. Martin has 15 years of experience building global brands and advising technology start-ups. Most recently at LifeLock, America’s #1 identity protection brand, he built the Digital Marketing team, bringing all core channels in-house and helping re-position the company’s complex offering. Having started his marketing career at Procter & Gamble, Martin is a believer in using customer insight to help technology companies understand their users, meet their needs, and develop brands people come to love and evangelize. Martin received his BS and MS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.

Data Science and Engineering
An employee photo of VP of Platform Engineering Jeff Gorelick
Jeff Gorelick
VP of Platform Engineering

Jeff joined HouseCanary in 2014 as a Principal Software Engineer and Data Scientist. He leads the back-end engineering team and is responsible for aggregating and analyzing HouseCanary's many data-sets. Prior to joining HouseCanary, Jeff was a senior software engineer at FlipKey by TripAdvisor. There, he was the technical lead of the back end team that developed and scaled the traveler-initiated payment system. Jeff graduated summa cum laude from Boston University with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering.

An employee photo of DIRECTOR OF ENGINEERING, DATA Viktor Lipchenko
Viktor Lipchenko

Prior to joining HouseCanary Viktor was a Lead Engineer at social network startup Bartrendr, responsible for the whole backend development. Before that he was Engineering Manager at Gracenote, a leading music and video metadata provider and recognition service. Viktor was heavily involved into development of content management tools and ETL processes. He earned his Master's in Applied Math at the Moscow State University Russia.

An employee photo of DIRECTOR, VALUATION RESEARCH Xiaobin Yang
Xiaobin Yang

Dr. Xiaobin Yang is the Director of Valuation Research at HouseCanary. He is responsible for the development and improvement of valuation models. Prior to joining HouseCanary, Xiaobin was the Director of Statistical Research at Analytic Focus LLC, where he led a team to perform research on RMBS, AVM, Mortgage Fraud and Discrimination of Loan Pricing. He was previously an Associate Professor at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Xiaobin earned his Ph.D. in Applied Statistics at University of Texas at San Antonio and Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at Xian Jiaotong University in China.

An employee photo of DIRECTOR, RESEARCH OPERATIONS Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy

Prior to joining HouseCanary, Brittany was a Lead Data Scientist with Allstate Insurance Company where she lead many research initiatives including the development and implementation of a proprietary nationwide optimization framework. She is passionate about using data and machine learning to create forecasts and insights at large scale. Brittany received her Master’s Degree in Statistics from Purdue University and her Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Lewis University.

An employee photo of DIRECTOR OF REAL ESTATE ANALYTICS Steve O'Brien
Steve O'Brien

Steve is HouseCanary's Director of Real Estate Analytics. He has been an assessor, and a fee/staff appraiser in Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, and Arizona for over 35 years. He has been on staff with Edina Financial, Norwest Bank, Bank of Arizona, LandSafe, Bank of America, and TSI. Before coming to HouseCanary, he was the Director of Real Estate Analytics, ESA at Title Source International.

An employee photo of SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER Oleg Biteryakov
Oleg Biteryakov

Oleg is a Senior Software Engineer at HouseCanary. Software engineer with more than a decade experience developing content management solutions for music, video entertainment industry. Prior to joining HouseCanary Oleg was a Principal Software Architect at Gracenote, a leading music and video metadata and recognition services provider. Oleg developed a variety of software solutions including analytical data linking systems, content management tools, data export systems.

An employee photo of SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER Evgeny Turnaev
Evgeny Turnaev

Evgeny is a Senior Software Engineer at HouseCanary. Prior to joining HouseCanary Evgeny was working in Amazon, Yandex on the projects that involve machine learning and processing of huge datasets. He has experience creating distributed systems, data processing pipelines, implementing high-performance C/C++ python bindings.

An employee photo of SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER Tareq Ahmed
Tareq Ahmed

Tareq is a Senior Software Engineer at HouseCanary, where he works on enabling scalable data analysis, modeling, and processing. Prior to joining, Tareq was a Senior Software Engineer at Basis, where he worked with biosignal engineers to produce scalable production versions of their research algorithms, such as determining stages of sleep from raw data, and worked with firmware engineers to develop robust backend support for features such as bicycling and running auto-detection. He led development of the backend classifier that processes watch data and analyzes it to provide auto-detection of activity levels, sleep, and more. Earlier, at Cisco, he led development of the embedded metadata database for service provider video streams, and worked on multi-screen video session shifting. Tareq graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with BSE degrees in both Computer Science and Industrial & Operations Engineering.

An employee photo of SENIOR RESEARCHER Dr. Keying Ye
Dr. Keying Ye

Dr. Keying Ye is a Senior Researcher at HouseCanary. He is a Professor in Statistics in the College of Business at the University of Texas at San Antonio. His research interests include Bayesian Methods and Statistical Decision Theory, which closely align with HouseCanary's predictive analytics. Dr. Ye has decades of experience applying statistics to financial and economic applications, forecasting, marketing, and many other areas. Dr. Ye was previously a professor at Virginia Tech. He earned his PhD in Statistics at Purdue University, his MS in Mathematics from the Institute of Applied Mathematics in China, and his BS in Mathematics at Fudan University in China.

An employee photo of SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER Alex Roitman
Alex Roitman

Alex is a Senior Software Engineer at HouseCanary working mainly on the data backend. Before joining HouseCanary, Alex was a Senior Software Engineer at Vizio, where he worked on the data pipeline, control servers, auto-scaling architecture and other backend tasks enabling the automatic content recognition (ACR) of the video contents. Prior to that, he was a Senior Software Engineer at Conviva, the online video analytics and optimization company. Alex holds a Ph.D. in Physics, and was a Neuroscience researcher before switching completely to the Software Engineering.

An employee photo of DATA ANALYST Stephen Saekoo
Stephen Saekoo

As a Data Analyst at HouseCanary, Stephen uses analytics and programming to map, clean, and provide solutions and insights for data from multiple data vendors. Stephen graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Clinical Nutrition. After college, he had a successful career in hospitality management before discovering a love of problem solving and programming. Prior to joining HouseCanary he was Data Analyst at Gracenote for 2 years and had completed App Academy's web development bootcamp. In his free time Stephen enjoys backpacking/traveling, reading, and spending time with his cats and dog.

An employee photo of Software Engineer Akshit Khurana
Akshit Khurana
Software Engineer

Akshit is a Software Engineer at HouseCanary on the Data Engineering team. Prior to joining HouseCanary, Akshit was a Software Engineer at where he focused on data engineering along with fullstack and iOS development. He was previously with LinkedIn on their SlideShare team. He received his degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. Akshit enjoys table tennis and hiking.

An employee photo of Data Scientist Will Tong
Will Tong
Data Scientist

Will Tong is a Data Scientist in the Data Research Group. Will’s first exposure to big data was during his PhD dissertation work at UCLA, where he analyzed large topographical data sets for atomic surfaces. Following research fellowships in Japan and Italy, Will worked as a research scientist for Silicon Valley tech companies, where he worked on advanced chip manufacturing technologies, and in the national labs, where he worked on solar energy.

An employee photo of Data Analyst Mirea Kim
Mirea Kim
Data Analyst

Mirea is a Data Analyst at HouseCanary. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelors in Environmental Economics and Architecture. Mirea grew up in California, Singapore, Japan, and Korea. Her interest in data started when she interned at a German firm conducting research for market potential of biogas in the US. Prior to joining Housecanary, Mirea worked as a business analyst at a real estate investment firm with responsibilities in financial analysis, data management and software implementation.

Product Engineering
An employee photo of Senior Director of Product Engineering Mike Poindexter
Mike Poindexter
Senior Director of Product Engineering

Mike joined HouseCanary in 2016 as Director of Engineering for the Appraiser product. Prior to HouseCanary, Mike was VP of Software Development at Qumu, where he led the development of a video portal and enterprise video CDN. Before Qumu, Mike worked on a number of products in the retail industry.

Matt O'Grady

Matthew is a Senior Software Engineer and leads the development of our Pro product. He is comfortable anywhere in the stack and with a variety of open-source tools. Matthew previously worked at FlipKey where he was part of both frontend and backend teams. He was the 8th hire at FlipKey and transitioned to a Lead Software Engineer role at TripAdvisor after the acquisition. He received a degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University and a Master's from the school-of-hard-knocks in the mean streets of Cambridge, MA.

An employee photo of DIRECTOR OF ENGINEERING, MOBILE Edward Majcher
Edward Majcher

Edward is a Senior iOS Developer at HouseCanary with extensive experience developing products in both the consumer and enterprise space. Prior to joining HouseCanary, he worked on iOS and Android apps for Bluetooth enabled devices at Intel, developed numerous consumer apps targeted at social media, music and television and was the Director of Engineering at Qumu, where he oversaw the development of their video CMS, CDN's and other products for live and on demand video streaming for desktop and mobile devices.

An employee photo of Creative Director Dennis McNulty
Dennis McNulty
Creative Director

Dennis is a Creative Director with over 11 years of experience. He came to San Francisco 16 years ago to pursue his passion for the arts and received his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. He has since built a career in e-commerce web and product design and most recently led creative teams for global brands at FCB West advertising agency. His specialties include building an exceptional and talented team of designers and developers for: web marketing, product design, responsive design and mobile e-commerce experiences. Dennis created exceptional work for clients such as: Google, Levis, Kikkoman, Eli Lilly, Ghirardelli, Conde Nast,, Brooklyn Winery and more. Dennis' designs have been featured at Cannes Lions, in San Francisco Magazine, The San Francisco Examiner, The SF Weekly, CMYK Magazine and Art Ltd Magazine. When he's not designing, Dennis is also the proud owner of a creative space/art gallery in the Inner Sunset district of SF called The Little Lodge.

An employee photo of QA MANAGER Luc De Schepper
Luc De Schepper

Luc is a Senior QA Engineer with over 13 years of experience in the industry. Luc is helping with manual testing efforts on all of HouseCanary's products across web and mobile. He is also assisting in automated testing on HouseCanary's web based applications. Prior to joining HouseCanary, Luc has worked at Take 2 Games, Zynga, Rosetta Stone and Twitter. Luc has experience testing applications across multiple platforms, ranging from gaming systems, mobile devices and web browsers. Luc is thrilled to have joined HouseCanary, and to be part of a team that is improving the world of Real Property data.

An employee photo of DATA ANALYSIS MANAGER Chris Duquette
Chris Duquette

Chris is the Manager of Data Analysis at HouseCanary. He brings over a decade of experience in delivering data and analytic solutions with particular focus on data ingestion, record linkage, and content management. Before joining HouseCanary, Chris enjoyed 5 years with Gracenote where he worked building the systems that connected and classified the world’s music and media content. He is excited to be working with them again and tackling a new data space.

An employee photo of Principal DevOps Engineer Alex Georgopoulos
Alex Georgopoulos
Principal DevOps Engineer

A computer hacker since elementary school where running a BBS somehow blossomed into a career. Alex loves automating repetitive tasks and finding creative solutions to systems at scale. Prior to HouseCanary Alex worked at Two Sigma Investments and HP where he led the efforts to automate everything.

An employee photo of SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER John DiMattia
John DiMattia

John works as a full stack engineer focusing on the front end of web applications at HouseCanary. John has previously worked as a full stack engineer in two departments of the University of Pennsylvania, as everything from IT support and Sysadmin to frontend engineer at Philadelphia based startup Viridity Energy, and as a frontend engineer at ad tech startup, Flite before joining HouseCanary. John graduated first honors with a degree in Information Systems from Drexel University.

An employee photo of SENIOR IOS ENGINEER Justin Nguyen
Justin Nguyen

Justin is a Senior iOS Developer, and is helping lead development of all HouseCanary mobile products. He has worked on multiple consumer facing mobile apps for a range of products and experiences with a focus on UX and Design. Prior to joining HouseCanary he worked at Basis, an Intel Company, and Manilla. Justin graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Computer Engineering.

An employee photo of SENIOR QA ENGINEER Vindi Chang
Vindi Chang

Vindi is a Senior QA Specialist, and is helping with testing of all HouseCanary web and mobile products. He has worked on mobile products. Prior to joining HouseCanary he worked at ACCESS, Glu Mobile, Jibe Mobile, Manilla, and then at Capital One. Vindi has been testing in the mobile device world for over 10 years. He has experience testing applications from the first mobile browser to mobile games to video chat. He is excited to work with the HouseCanary team in improving the world of house appraisals.

An employee photo of SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER Chris Faulkner
Chris Faulkner

Chris is a Senior Software Engineer at HouseCanary. Prior to joining HouseCanary, Chris was a senior software engineer at Basis, an Intel company. Chris enjoys cycling, algorithmic trading, and drinking all of the coffee.

An employee photo of PRINCIPAL SOFTWARE ENGINEER Antonio Lettieri
Antonio Lettieri

Antonio is a Senior Software Engineer at HouseCanary focusing on the Appraisal product. He dreams in JavaScript. He previously worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Goodwin Procter LLP, and before that, he spent three years as a freelance developer. He hosts the Javascript in the SF East Bay meetup group. He enjoys spending time with his family, roasting coffee, wood working and playing football (soccer). He received a degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of West Florida.

An employee photo of SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER Eugene Yaramenko
Eugene Yaramenko

Eugene is a Senior Software Engineer and part of the Pro team at HouseCanary. His area of expertise is creating complex web applications targeting both enterprise and consumer spaces. Eugene’s career in software engineering spans for more than twenty years, which, in his opinion, gives him a pretty rare perspective in the rapidly changing tech world. Prior to joining HouseCanary Eugene worked on media asset management solutions at Harmonic and enterprise video CMS at Qumu. Eugene received his Master’s in Applied Math from Shevchenko National University in Kiev, Ukraine.

An employee photo of SENIOR PRODUCT MANAGER Tiffany Yang
Tiffany Yang

Tiffany Yang is a Product Manager at HouseCanary, where she works on Appraiser. Prior to HouseCanary, she led the international expansion of Tilt into 8 countries and helped define the TV watching experience at TiVo. Tiffany received her master's degree from Carnegie Mellon and undergraduate degree from MIT. Outside of work, she loves traveling, running, and shopping the MoMa store.

An employee photo of SENIOR QA ENGINEER Hugh Moore
Hugh Moore

Hugh is a Senior QA Engineer at HouseCanary. He was born and grew up in a small town in Colorado. He went to school at Carnegie Mellon, but left to join a string of start-up game companies where he worked in various roles. Eventually, he started working as a Tester for LucasArts, where he stayed for over eight years and worked on a huge variety of (mostly Star Wars) games. More recently, he worked at Twitter and Zynga where he was a Tester and QA Manager for six years. Not surprisingly, he loves all kinds of games, especially strategy and RPGs. He has a wife, a three- (almost four-) year-old son, and a small dog named Spottie.

An employee photo of Senior Web Developer Robert Easley
Robert Easley
Senior Web Developer

Robert is a Web Developer for the corporate site at HouseCanary. He worked as a Social Worker until 2005. Since then he has built websites at a number of small start-ups. He is an avid traveler, board game maker, founder of the Cardboard Tube Fighting League, robot sympathizer, level 2 Bard, costume maker, artist working in the medium of balloons, LARPer, former fencing instructor, avid fly fisherman, and sandwich dancer.

An employee photo of SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER Chris Nicholas
Chris Nicholas

Chris has been working with spatial ‘big data’ and mapping portals since designing digital hardware for imaging radar in the 1980s, and supporting the GIS market segment for Sun Microsystems’ in the 1990s. He co-founded GlobeXplorer that powered satellite imagery in Mapquest/AOL, and built interactive virtual worlds for situational awareness ’serious games’ with Planet 9 game studios. An early member of the Apple maps team, Chris played a significant role bootstrapping and scaling a number of its core data ingest and service delivery pipelines. An avid sailor, Chris avoids our spectacular views of San Francisco Bay if he wants to keep his concentration.

An employee photo of SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER Sam Bolgert
Sam Bolgert

Sam is a Software Engineer on the Appraiser team. Prior to joining HouseCanary, Sam was one of the first engineering hires at Lovely where he led the data team in integrating of over 100 apartment data feeds totaling over 1 million apartment listings. He is passionate about real estate and works part time as a landlord for his properties. Sam received his BS in Computer Information Systems from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

An employee photo of Senior QA Engineer Peter Manton
Peter Manton
Senior QA Engineer

As a Senior QA Engineer at HouseCanary, Peter is passionate about creating awesome software. He was born, raised, and educated in Massachusetts. He has been a Californian for 20 years. During that time, he has forged a career working on various complex software projects. This includes working on software involved with automated piping design, web application analytics, and financial tech software. Most recently, he has lead the quality efforts for mission critical software products, working to not only to assure high quality software, but help to evolve effective processes utilizing his Scrum Master Certification. On his spare time, Peter loves driving, digging in the garden, and tasting various Californian wines.

An employee photo of Senior DevOps Engineer Alexandre Moguilevski
Alexandre Moguilevski
Senior DevOps Engineer

Sr. System Engineer with more than 15 years of engineering and IT operations experience.

An employee photo of SOFTWARE ENGINEER Chris Clerville
Chris Clerville

Chris is a Software Engineer at HouseCanary focused on developing feature-rich web applications. Prior to joining HouseCanary, Chris began his career as an early Software Engineer at Dot & Bo, where he worked on the frontend and backend. Chris is passionate about Javascript technologies and building products that people love to use. Chris received his BA in Computer Science from Kalamazoo College.

An employee photo of DEVOPS ENGINEER Edgar Martinez
Edgar Martinez

Edgar has been working on software since 2006 and previously worked at Upstream Risk as the Senior Software Engineer. He brings to the team proven expertise in AngularJS and JavaScript as the Senior Software Engineer. Before working in software Edgar studied Enology in Napa, where he currently lives. Along with his software experience, Edgar also brings a distinct approach to software that is more commonly found in the arts, a contemplative craft approach to software design.

An employee photo of PRINCIPAL SOFTWARE ENGINEER Amit Shrestha
Amit Shrestha

Prior to House Canary, Amit worked at, where he was one of the very early engineers. At Nextdoor he helped architect the company's geospatial data infrastructure, and implemented APIs to serve/manipulate/visualize geospatial data. Amit has a versatile skill set and works comfortably in any part of the technology stack. He loves working with real world data (natural and social) and building software around them.

An employee photo of AUTOMATION ENGINEER Vaidy Shanmugam
Vaidy Shanmugam

Vaidy architects end to end test automation frameworks using cutting edge technologies to ensure all House Canary products are of the highest quality. Prior to House Canary, Vaidy worked at Magnet Systems as quality engineering automation manager where he architected game changing white box automation frameworks for mobile middleware platforms. Vaidy has also managed quality engineering center of excellence teams at Intuit, Digital Insight and at NCR, setting very high quality standards throughout the organizations. He is an expert at implementing cutting edge DevOps tools and practices largely due to his experience managing Internationally distributed quality and release engineering teams while working at Trimble Navigation for over 10 years. He is passionate about delivering applications of highest quality and loves solving problems through innovative automated solutions.

An employee photo of SOFTWARE ENGINEER Travis Jungroth
Travis Jungroth

Travis is a Software Engineer, working on backend projects at HouseCanary. He enjoys using Python to the fullest, and sharing that passion with others. A jack of all trades, Travis has worked as a mechanic, medic, ropes course leader, circus instructor and vintage airplane pilot.

An employee photo of VISUAL DESIGNER Nicole Chen
Nicole Chen

Nicole is a Visual Designer at HouseCanary. Prior to joining HouseCanary, she was a Visual Designer at Zappos Labs where she worked on experimental experiences, both in the digital and physical space. Nicole received an MFA in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology. When she isn't designing, you will likely find her running, climbing, or making furniture pieces.

An employee photo of SOFTWARE ENGINEER Rashmika Kallepu
Rashmika Kallepu

Rashmika works on the Pro team at HouseCanary. She began her career as a Software Engineer at Accenture, working on digital marketing, which helped her gain expertise in developing feature-rich web applications. After pursuing a Master's in Computer Science from UNC Charlotte, her passion for Javascript technologies drove her to work with start-ups in Silicon Valley. She enjoys listening to music, cooking, and making arts and crafts.

An employee photo of SOFTWARE ENGINEER James Huang
James Huang

James was born and raised in Shanghai. In 2008, he relocated to the United States to pursue a masters degree in computer science that ultimately landed him a job in the mobile ad industry, where he worked for four years before joining HouseCanary as a software engineer. He loves collecting die-cast Audi model cars, playing video games, camping, and fixing his forever broken Volkswagen Corrado.

An employee photo of PRODUCT MANAGER Jason Kwok
Jason Kwok

Jason is HouseCanary's Product Manager. Prior to HouseCanary, Jason spent almost four years at Amazon product managing video advertising along with marketing the automotive e-commerce team. Some of his favorite projects included building a new video recommendation experience and conceptualizing/building an NLP advertising algorithm that has generated over $40 million for 10 different Amazon businesses. Jason is a summa cum laude UCLA graduate in economics. Outside of work he enjoys design and swimming.

An employee photo of PROGRAM MANAGER Maggie McGonigle
Maggie McGonigle

Maggie is HouseCanary's Program Manager and is responsible for ensuring our programs stay in scope and on schedule as we grow. Prior to joining HouseCanary, Maggie was on the Corporate Program Management team at Box where she led programs to help scale the G&A side of the house with a focus on process definition and improvement. She earned her undergraduate degree at UCLA in microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics.

An employee photo of SOFTWARE ENGINEER Paul Miller
Paul Miller

Paul is a backend developer on the Appraiser product. Prior to joining HouseCanary, he worked at Hearsay Social. In another past life, he worked on calibration and test software for fiber optic switches at Calient Technologies. He has a BA in mathematics and studied graph theory in graduate school. Outside the office, he enjoys drinking good wine and petting friendly dogs.

An employee photo of Software Engineer Luke Andersen
Luke Andersen
Software Engineer

Lukas is a Software Engineer at HouseCanary, focused on contributing to critical projects across the company. Prior to joining HouseCanary, he was a Software Engineer at Intel in the New Devices group building Web and iOS applications for wrist worn wearables. He led the development of the corporate and eCommerce web sites for Intel's Basis branded products. Lukas spends his free time outdoors and with his family, especially with his two young boys. Lukas received a Bachelors of Science in Management from Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and Management.

An employee photo of Software Engineer Angel Flores
Angel Flores
Software Engineer

Angel is a Software Engineer at HouseCanary. He is a web developer originally from El Paso, TX and received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas in El Paso. Angel enjoys spending his time outdoors with his wife, hiking with his pups, and running. He likes a good challenge such as participating in a triathlon to an eating contest. Angel loves food but nachos are his favorite.

An employee photo of Web Developer Nannalin Ongprasert
Nannalin Ongprasert
Web Developer

Nannalin is a Web Developer at HouseCanary. She originally earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Petrochemical and Polymeric Materials. Nannalin was an Engineer in Thailand for 4 years before she relocated to the United States and discovered her passion for web development. She received a second BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois. Prior to joining HouseCanary, Nannalin was a Web Developer Intern at Qdinka, a NodeJS Developer Intern at ActiveScaler, and a Front-end Developer Intern at Kabam. In her spare time, she enjoys skiing, snorkeling, ziplining, running, and cooking.

An employee photo of UI Visual Designer Ellen Yang
Ellen Yang
UI Visual Designer

Ellen is a UI Visual Designer at HouseCanary. Prior to joining HouseCanary, she was a UX designer at Goodshop and worked on building new features and solving design problems on the website. Ellen was born in Beijing and raised in NYC. In her spare time, you can find her chasing after other people's dogs trying to pet them, taking photos of cities and mountain views, and playing tennis.

An employee photo of QA Engineer Geo Ramirez
Geo Ramirez
QA Engineer

Geo is a QA Engineer with over 7 years testing in the mobile industry. His career began in the video game industry which includes mobile game startups and Namco Bandai's mobile division. Prior to joining HouseCanary, he worked for 3.5 years as a Senior QA Engineer at the wearable fitness company Basis. Where he managed testing efforts for automatic activity tracking, trained new recruits and made it a point to help them whenever he could, took part in design meetings and gave estimates and suggestions to meet deadlines, and a host of other spectacular duties. Outside of testing, he enjoys playing video games (RPGs, Action and Fighting), weight training, and Magic the Gathering.

Business Operations
An employee photo of  VP OF CLIENT DEVELOPMENT JP Ackerman
JP Ackerman

JP leads the Strategic Real Estate Product Division of HouseCanary with specific focus on analytical product development and strategic advisory serving the new home construction and institutional investment space. JP was previously the Area Vice President of Strategic Marketing at PulteGroup. During his 10 years there, he led teams of analysts throughout the Western U.S. in consumer analytics, acquisition underwriting and the positioning of PulteGroup's multi-billion dollar portfolio of land. JP also spent time at Hewlett-Packard as a product manager and business analyst. JP earned his Master's in Communications at the University of Georgia and his Bachelor's in Business at the University of Tulsa, both with honors.

An employee photo of Client Development Manager Anna Shkolnikov
Anna Shkolnikov
Client Development Manager

As Product Marketing Manager at HouseCanary, Anna Shkolnikov uses research, collaboration and analysis to build effective marketing strategies, programs and partnerships. Anna has coordinated product launches, influenced product development rooted in customer need, and led projects from beginning to end. Previously, Anna was a product marketing manager for Autodesk, where she developed and implemented web and mobile GTM strategy for products in the company’s Home and Building Business line. In her spare time, Anna is devoted to humanitarian relief and animal welfare causes, and has volunteered with the Save the Elephants Foundation. She graduated from California State University in Northridge with a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing.

An employee photo of Senior Marketing Operations Manager Travis Keeney
Travis Keeney
Senior Marketing Operations Manager

As the Senior Marketing Operations Manager at HouseCanary, Travis is responsible for the daily marketing operations of the company. His work includes building a cohesive marketing tech stack and optimizing digital campaigns. Prior to joining HouseCanary, he managed sales and marketing technology at Sencha, makers of the JavaScript framework Ext JS. Travis received his BS in Marketing from The Pennsylvania State University. Outside of work, he serves on the board of Variety Children's Charity of Northern California where he contributes to the Freedom initiative which provides adaptive bicycles to developmentally disabled children. Travis also raced cars for nearly 10 years and now competes regularly as captain of the Mike's Bikes dev cycling team.

An employee photo of HEAD OF TALENT Mike Bearden
Mike Bearden

Mike is the Head of Talent at HouseCanary, leading talent acquisition efforts to help fuel the company's growth. Prior to joining HouseCanary, Mike held in-house recruiting roles with Capital One, JCPenney and, along with agency positions at Riviera Partners and Kain Management Group. He's passionate about building meaningful relationships and ensuring seamless interview experiences throughout the process. Mike earned an undergraduate degree in advertising from Texas Tech University, and is an avid Red Raider football fan.

An employee photo of CUSTOMER CARE LEAD Ajani Castro
Ajani Castro

With a few years of project management at Apple and over a decade of customer service in the tech industry, Ajani join HouseCanary ready to hit the ground running. His last role was at Google where he lead a highly successful team of on camera "Device Experts" evangelizing the hardware products on the Google Store. His proudest moment during his tenure at Google was having my program discovered by tech journalist Leo Laporte and him saying it was his best experience with Google Support on his web show. His education background has been in economics and history.

An employee photo of CUSTOMER CARE SPECIALIST Ché Holts
Ché Holts

Ché is a Customer Care Specialist, helping to build and deliver a world class customer experience. Prior to joining HouseCanary, Ché helped build and scale support organizations at Coin, Microsoft, and Intel. In his spare time, he is a semi-professional photographer, and an avid Liverpool Football Club supporter.

An employee photo of People Operations Coordinator Alice Tang
Alice Tang
People Operations Coordinator

Alice is responsible for onboarding new hires and employee experience for HouseCanary. Alice was previously a HR Program Manager at Cisco where she lead people programs for engineering university hires. Alice received her MS in Organization Development from Pepperdine University, and her BS in Marketing from San Jose State University. She enjoys cycling, hiking, yoga, camping and music festivals.

An employee photo of Client Development Success Manager Joe Gonsalves II
Joe Gonsalves II
Client Development Success Manager

As Client Development Success Manager at HouseCanary, Joe is responsible for leading all pilot engagements to ensure potential customers are successful in adopting and realizing the value of HouseCanary’s offerings. Prior to joining HouseCanary, Joe was involved with multiple early stage companies after starting his career in finance and real estate capital markets at Goldman, ABN AMRO LaSalle and Bank of America. A native New Yorker, Joe lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter. In his spare time, he is involved with endurance sports charitable organizations, enjoys traveling, cooking, and all outdoor activities. Joe graduated from State University of New York (SUNY) Plattsburgh with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing.

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With HouseCanary, investors are finding profitable investment opportunities where they never looked, mortgage companies are getting a whole new view of properties they underwrite, appraisers are changing how they appraise, and homeowners have better information to manage their largest asset.

We are changing how the $20 Trillion US residential real estate market works for the better. We develop data and tools that create value for our clients. We are on a journey, and this is just the beginning.

We hope to partner with you whether you run a $100B mortgage bank, a $10B hedge fund, or are looking to buy your first house. We will continue to build the information and ship the software that allows you to effortlessly make better decisions, create value, and protect that value.

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