Home Price Index (HPI): Historical and Forecasted

The most comprehensive, accurate, and current view of home price trends, now and in the future

Why HouseCanary HPI

  • Comprehensive, localized dataset: Reliably track home prices nationwide with 40+ years of historical data and 3 year monthly forecasts for 381 MSAs, 18,306 ZIP codes and 3+ million blocks.
  • Verified industry-leading accuracy: HouseCanary forecast models feature an unmatched .7% error rate over a 12 month forecast and are backtested through time, trailing 20 years to confirm accuracy.
  • Monthly updates with minimal lag: Unlike traditional house price indices that suffer from a 3-5 month lag, HouseCanary HPIs include data within two weeks from the current date.
  • The data you need, however you need it: Integrate our API, upload a spreadsheet via Match and Append, or use Google Cloud Platform Commercial Datasets.
  • HPI Timeseries
    $1.00 per request
    • State
    • MSA
    • Metrodiv
    • Zip
  • Value Timeseries
    $1.00 per request
    • Blockgroup
    • Block

Explore accurate HPIs for 18,306 ZIP codes

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API Response

    "zip/hpi_ts": {
        "api_code_description": "ok",
        "api_code": 0,
        "result": {
            "time_series": [
                    "month": "2016-10-01",
                    "hpi_value": 199.53,
                    "hpi_real": 144.140682,
                    "hpi_trend": 179.58967,
                    "hpi_distance": 0.876436
                    "month": "2016-11-01",
                    "hpi_value": 199.96,
                    "hpi_real": 144.150124,
                    "hpi_trend": 179.96848,
                    "hpi_distance": 0.878686
                    "month": "2016-12-01",
                    "hpi_value": 200.52,
                    "hpi_real": 144.183543,
                    "hpi_trend": 180.347289,
                    "hpi_distance": 0.886649
                    "month": "2017-01-01",
                    "hpi_value": 201.95321,
                    "hpi_real": 144.418903,
                    "hpi_trend": 180.726099,
                    "hpi_distance": 0.932993


Easily integrate the HouseCanary Analytics API into your app using our Python client library and documentation.

Sign up for an account to generate an API key.

How to Use HPI Endpoint

  • Lenders: Anticipate and manage market risk by valuing your portfolio with accurate and localized insights.
  • Single family rental investors: Find your next "revolution market" by leveraging machine learning that drives the most accurate housing forecast in the country.
  • Capital markets investors: Time adjust sell side valuations with block level HPIs so that you can accurately assess collateral value and focus on the fastest growing markets.

Returned Data Fields

HouseCanary provides monthly HPI values at various geographical levels.

  • State
  • Month
    Month returned in a time series of historical and / or forecasted data.
  • HPI Value
    A measurement of the home price value calculated from monthly changes in statewide home prices and indexed on a 200-point scale.
  • HPI Real
    Inflation-adjusted HPI value
  • HPI Trend
    Long-term linear trend in HPI value
  • HPI Distance
    The normalized distance of HPI value from a long term linear trend. Units are in standard deviations from the mean.
  • Metropolitan Statistical Area
  • Same fields as above.
  • Metropolitan Division
  • Same fields as above.
  • ZIP Code
  • Same fields as above.
  • Block Group
  • Property type
    SFD: Single Family Dwelling; TH: Townhouse; CND: Condominium; INC: Multi-Family Building; MFH: Manufactured/Mobile Home
  • Month
    Month returned in a time series of historical and / or forecasted data.
  • Value Median
    Block median dollar value
  • Value Sq Ft Median
    Block median dollar per square foot value
  • Block Level
  • Same fields as above.

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