Home Price Index (HPI): Historical & Forecasted

The most comprehensive, accurate, and current view of home price trends, now and in the future

Why HouseCanary HPI

  • Comprehensive, localized dataset: Reliably track home prices nationwide with 40+ years of historical data and 3-year monthly forecasts for 381 MSAs, 18,306 ZIP Codes and 3+ million blocks.
  • Verified industry-leading accuracy: HouseCanary forecast models feature an unmatched .7% error rate over a 12 month forecast and are backtested through time, trailing 20 years to confirm accuracy.
  • Monthly updates with minimal lag: Unlike traditional house price indices that suffer from a 3-5 month lag, HouseCanary HPIs include data within two weeks from the current date.
  • The data you need, however you need it: Integrate our API, upload a spreadsheet via Match and Append, or use Google Cloud Platform Commercial Datasets.

Sample API Response

          "zip/hpi_ts": {
              "api_code_description": "ok",
              "api_code": 0,
              "result": {
                  "time_series": [
                          "month": "2016-10-01",
                          "hpi_value": 199.53,
                          "hpi_real": 144.140682,
                          "hpi_trend": 179.58967,
                          "hpi_distance": 0.876436
                          "month": "2016-11-01",
                          "hpi_value": 199.96,
                          "hpi_real": 144.150124,
                          "hpi_trend": 179.96848,
                          "hpi_distance": 0.878686
                          "month": "2016-12-01",
                          "hpi_value": 200.52,
                          "hpi_real": 144.183543,
                          "hpi_trend": 180.347289,
                          "hpi_distance": 0.886649
                          "month": "2017-01-01",
                          "hpi_value": 201.95321,
                          "hpi_real": 144.418903,
                          "hpi_trend": 180.726099,
                          "hpi_distance": 0.932993


Easily integrate the HouseCanary Analytics API into your app using our Python client library and documentation.

How to Use HPI Endpoint

  • Lenders: Anticipate and manage market risk by valuing your portfolio with accurate and localized insights.
  • Single-family rental investors: Find your next opportunity by leveraging machine learning that drives the most accurate housing forecast in the country.
  • Capital markets investors: Time adjust sell-side valuations with block-level HPIs so that you can accurately assess collateral value and focus on the fastest growing markets.

Returned Data Fields

HouseCanary provides monthly HPI values at various geographical levels.

  • State
  • month
    Month returned in a time series of historical and / or forecasted data
  • hpi_value
    A measurement of the home price value calculated from monthly changes in statewide home prices and indexed on a 200-point scale
  • hpi_real
    Inflation-adjusted HPI value
  • hpi_trend
    Long-term linear trend in HPI value
  • hpi_distance
    The normalized distance of HPI value from a long term linear trend. Units are in standard deviations from the mean
  • Metropolitan Statistical Area
  • Same fields as above.
  • Metropolitan Division
  • Same fields as above.
  • ZIP Code
  • Same fields as above.