Geocode Any US Address

Map coordinates across the United States

Why HouseCanary Geocode

  • Normalize and convert a property address to latitude and longitude coordinates by integrating our API or uploading a spreadsheet via Match & Append.
  • Append additional data about each property such as property value, rental value, and more. See full list.
  • Batch geocode thousands of addresses to map coordinates to ensure location accuracy.

Sample API Response

          "property/geocode" : {
              "api_code" : 0,
              "api_code_description" : "ok",
              "result" : true
          "address_info" : {
              "address_full" : "483 Bright St San Francisco CA 94132",
              "slug" : "483-Bright-St-San-Francisco-CA-94132",
              "address" : "483 Bright St",
              "unit" : null,
              "city" : "San Francisco",
              "state" : "CA",
              "zipcode" : "94132",
              "zipcode_plus4" : "2801",
              "block_id" : "060750313013007",
              "county_fips" : "06075",
              "msa" : "41860",
              "metdiv" : null,
              "geo_precision" : "rooftop",
              "lat" : 37.71941,
              "lng" : -122.46368

Easily integrate the HouseCanary Analytics API into your app using our Python client library and documentation.

Returned Data Fields

  • address
    Property’s street address
  • address_full
    Full address string including street, city, state, and ZIP code
  • block_id
    U.S. census block ID
  • city
    The city where the property is located
  • county_fips
    U.S. census county ID
  • geo_precision
    A string describing available geo precision in terms of rooftop, 9-digit ZIP code, 5 digit ZIP code, or unknown
  • lat
    Latitude value, in degrees
  • lon
    Longitude value, in degrees
  • metdiv
    BLS Metropolitan Division ID
  • msa
    U.S. census MSA ID
  • state
    The state where the property is located
  • slug
    A HouseCanary unique identifier that can be used to append additional data points at the property level
  • unit
    The unit number of an address, if any
  • zipcode
    Property’s ZIP code
  • zipcode_plus4
    ZIP code extension