Real Estate AVM

Home values for 95% of US residential properties via spreadsheet or API

Why HouseCanary AVM

  • Industry leading accuracy: our middle most projected price is just 2.6% from the actual sales price — that's nearly 40% more accurate compared to leading competitors.
  • Available instantly at scale: Integrate our API or upload a spreadsheet to access via Match and Append.

Sample API Response

              "address_info": {
                  "city": "Bayardchester",
                  "county_fips": "06037",
                  "geo_precision": "rooftop",
                  "block_id": "012345678901234",
                  "zipcode": "90113",
                  "address_full": "65239 Rosanne Prairie Bayardchester CA 90113",
                  "state": "CA",
                  "zipcode_plus4": "1444",
                  "address": "65239 Rosanne Prairie",
                  "lat": 68.8712,
                  "lng": -22.1294,
                  "slug": "65239-Rosanne-Prairie-Bayardchester-CA-90113",
                  "unit": null
              "property/value": {
                  "api_code_description": "ok",
                  "api_code": 0,
                  "result": {
                      "value": {
                          "price_upr": 1551888,
                          "price_lwr": 1364577,
                          "price_mean": 1458233,
                          "fsd": 0.064

Easily integrate the HouseCanary Analytics API into your app using our Python client library and documentation.

Returned Data Fields in Value (AVM) Endpoint

  • address_info
    Normalized property street address
  • price_upr
    AVM upper bound (HouseCanary AVM plus one fsd)
  • price_lwr
    AVM lower bound (HouseCanary AVM minus one fsd)
  • price_mean
    Automated value (HouseCanary AVM)
  • fsd
    Forecast standard deviation for the HouseCanary AVM