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HouseCanary Unveils Agile Appraisal, Its Flagship Technology-fueled Valuation Solution

HouseCanary introduces Agile AppraisalTM, a fast, flexible valuation platform with full USPAP and FIRREA compliance that is the flagship offering in HouseCanary’s Valuation Suite. The speed and efficiency of the new system allows users to cut the time needed for a full appraisal to as little as five days, and is more affordable than the traditional process.

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HouseCanary Announces $31 Million Series B Funding, Comprised of PSP Growth and Existing Investors

HouseCanary announces $31 million series B funding round. Investors include PSP Growth, the venture and growth equity arm of PSP Capital, a private investment firm founded by entrepreneur and former Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, as well as Alpha Edison and other existing investors. Funds will be used to further innovate on predictive analytics, technology, and go-to-market plans.

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Second Quarter Rental Investment Index Confirms Continued Strength of Single-Family Rental Market

HouseCanary released the second quarter data for its Rental Investment Index (HCRI Index). Nationwide, the U.S. single-family rental market maintained strong Effective Gross Yields despite home prices continuing their steady climb over the past quarter. Notable is the variance in yields between U.S. regions and Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) – and within individual MSAs.

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HouseCanary’s Industry-leading Home Price Indices Available to Lenders and Servicers via First American Mortgage Solutions

Mortgage lenders and servicers can now access the nation's most granular and accurate Home Price Indices (HPIs) and forecast models from HouseCanary through First American Mortgage Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of lender and servicer solutions covering the entire residential loan spectrum.

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The Real Estate Data Revolution Takes Flight With HouseCanary

While the mining of data has transformed other industries the real estate market has lagged as data has been highly fragmented. Now real estate industry professionals, investors and lenders can make decisions in real-time as the real estate data revolution takes flight.

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RE/MAX and HouseCanary Announce Strategic Alliance

RE/MAX, LLC, one of the world’s leading franchisors of real estate brokerage services, and HouseCanary, the leading modern data analytics company for real estate professionals, announced today their collaboration that aims to make RE/MAX agents more productive than ever.

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Eric Schmidt-backed HouseCanary raises $33 million

Data is behind virtually every industry transformation. Residential real estate is a $30+ trillion market that needs a Bloomberg. Read why the venture investment community thinks HouseCanary fills the void.

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Which Markets are Hot and Which are Not?

This MDwell article from November 2016 looks at the U.S. housing market and predicts the top 10 and bottom 10 markets for 2017. Using data from HouseCanary Pro see 12 month returns, total households and months of supply at the MSA level.

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Higher Housing Prices In Blue States May Affect Presidential Election

America has seldom been so divided going into a general election. A new study released by HouseCanary and featured in The Guardian reveals a growing divide in home appreciation values between red states and blue states.

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Unveiled: Kobe Bryant’s 13 Venture Capital Investments

When retired basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and entrepreneur Jeff Stibel announced their $100M investment fund on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on April 22, 2016, the world also learned that Bryant and Stibel had invested in HouseCanary a year earlier.

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Turning Knowledge Into Power

This MReport cover story from August 2016 profiles the HouseCanary executive team and provides in-depth reporting on our innovative, data-driven approach to residential investment, lending and purchasing.

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Cheap Oil Could Hurt These Housing Markets

CNN Money reaches out to HouseCanary to understand how dropping oil prices influence various housing markets.

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Data And Analytics: Helping Real Estate Investors Pinpoint Opportunities

HouseCanary co-founder and CEO Jeremy Sicklick was interviewed for a MortgageOrb article about real estate investors using modern tools and analytics to make better decisions.

As Home Ownership Lags, Young Renters Left Behind in Wealth-Building

HouseCanary was featured in an NBC News article about millennial renting and home buying trends.

HouseCanary Pro - The Big Data Platform for Real Estate Investors

HouseCanary today announced the introduction of HouseCanary Pro®, a web application designed for real estate asset research, helping investors, institutions and homebuilders quickly and accurately analyze opportunities.

Valuation Review Magazine

Jeremy Sicklick, CEO & Co-Founder of HouseCanary was recently interviewed by Valuation Expo. The interview discusses how big data is transforming the real estate and appraisal industry.


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Recent Presentations

Valuation Expo photo

Valuation Expo

Jeremy Sicklick, CEO & Co-Founder moderated the keynote panel discussion at Valuation Expo in Baltimore, MD that included four industry leaders:

  • Josh Rosner Co-author of the New York Times Bestseller Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon
  • Robert Murphy Director, Collateral & Valuation, Fannie Mae
  • Ada Bohorfoush Policy Analyst, FHA
  • Gerald Kifer Supervisory Appraiser, Department of Veterans Affairs VA
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HouseCanary CEO and Co-Founder, Jeremy Sicklick presented to industry leaders in San Diego on June 24th, 2015. The discussion was titled Real Estate's Big Data Revolution.

on how big data insights will revolutionize the real estate industry.

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Collateral Risk Network

HouseCanary CEO and Co-Founder, Jeremy Sicklick presented to Mortgage Lending and Appraisal leaders in Ft. Lauderdale on January 28th, 2015.

The discussion was titled Big Data Revolution: Increasing Transparency to Risk and Valuation.

on how big data insights will revolutionize the appraisal and lending industry.

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International Builders Show Executive Breakfast

HouseCanary invited a group of leading developers, land investors, builders and architects to discuss how Big Data is revolutionizing the real estate industry on January 21st, 2015.

for a summary of the case studies we discussed.

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National Association of Home Builders

The HouseCanary team presented to the Board of the National Association of Homebuilders Association January 17th-20th, 2015 at the International Builders Show.

HouseCanary was selected by the NAHB to exclusively build, manage and own the National Home Construction Database, that will be the New Home equivalent of the MLS.

for a short overview summary on the National Home Construction Database.

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55+ Council @ Southern California Home Builder's Association

HouseCanary President, JP Ackerman presented to 100+ leaders on January 15th, 2015. The discussion was focused on Winning With the 55+ Age Segment.

for insights on the 55+ growth opportunity and ways to operationalize at local level to maximize growth.


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Home Values in Red States v. Blue States: A Growing Divide

With the pending election, HouseCanary wanted to understand the relationship between home values in red states vs. blue states. We crunched the data, ran regressions and applied the most accurate real estate valuations on the market, to every home in the U.S. The results surprised us – and we know that you will be surprised as well.

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HouseCanary Releases Study on How Shifting Demographics are Redefining Residential Real Estate

Major demographic shifts are reshaping the outlook for home purchase and rental demand from Millennials and Boomers

Please contact JP Ackerman for more information.

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Oil's Impact: How does $40 per barrel impact real estate values?

HouseCanary released a study today on the impact of recent oil price drops on the real estate market. In many markets, oil price changes are a leading indicator to housing value changes, but the impact varies based on the composition of the local economy. While some markets positively correlate and have a dampening effect on home prices (meaning when oil prices fall, it will slow the growth or potentially erode home prices), others negatively correlate and can be stimulated by falling oil prices.

Please contact JP Ackerman for more information.

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Dispersion: De-Average to Find the Opportunity

"Dispersion" of price appreciation refers to the differences we see when we segment high versus low performing real estate markets. The changing market environment is causing dispersion of price appreciation to increase across metropolitan areas and within the submarkets that comprise them.

Within a geography it is critical for investors, appraisers and lenders to understand the submarket behavior and risks. This knowledge enables maximum return while managing downside risk.

The team at HouseCanary have built systematic analyses to forecast local pricing and market risk for 20,000+ submarkets across the United States. Now the savvy investors can effectively deploy capital with confidence, the real estate appraiser can embed risk into property valuation, and lenders can understand the inherent risks.

Please contact JP Ackerman for more information.

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