Provide your best loan offer in seconds.

Most accurate, real-time lending database in the U.S., available instantly to help qualify and approve your clients.

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Align on home values throughout the lending process.

Move faster. Reduce rework. Close more loans.

  • circle HouseCanary allows lenders to pre-qualify customers with values and LTVs that align with the appraisal.
  • circle We automate loan origination and underwriting, reducing the appraisal process from weeks to hours.
  • circle The outcome? A better client experience at lower cost, resulting in more loans and profits.

We make lending work the way it should.

How we make each step faster:


Precise property values that align with appraisal. Full loan history, current payment, principal and LTV that generate the optimal product


Accurate appraisal and collateral underwriting that speed up the loan process


Real-time portfolio value and full view of market risks that help optimize opportunities

HouseCanary Impact

Boost Productivity

Speak with more qualified candidates, in less time. Focus on qualified candidates. Get to conversion in a couple minutes by coming into the conversation with the facts and a clear value proposition. In today’s busy world saving people valuable time is critical for customers and the bank’s frontline.

Increase Conversion

Come into each potential client conversation with a clear view of property value, LTV, loan history, savings potential. Be prepared with the facts and sales pitch that leads to a significantly higher conversion rate.

Close faster

Pre-qualify customers with values and LTV that align with the appraisal. Automate the loan origination and underwriting process. Completing the appraisal goes from weeks to hours. Create a better client experience while lowering your cost.

Improve Customer Experience

Give your clients a better experience using data and technology. Better guidance in initial conversations, have confidence in initial value estimate, ask less questions that are knowable, close faster. A better, faster, more efficient lending experience.

HouseCanary in the news

Retired basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and entrepreneur Jeff Stibel announce their investment in HouseCanary, part of the $100M Bryant Stibel investment platform.

Turning knowledge into power, San Francisco tech company HouseCanary is changing the way mortgage lenders use and act on housing statistics.

While there is a link between energy and housing prices, it's not an immediate one. HouseCanary's JP Ackerman discusses why it can take 15-24 months for a housing market to react.

Accurate valuations for 100 million properties

Based on our simulation models and continual feedback loops, we are able to generate the most accurate real estate valuation models available online.

More accurate and stable than leading competitors

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MdAPE nationwide

MdAPE is short for median absolute prediction error, and is a statistical measure of the valuation model accuracy. The valuation MdAPE is computed as follows:

Step 1: In any given month, HouseCanary produces and stores a set of 100m property valuations nationwide.

Step 2: Over the next month we obtain actual prices of arms length transactions occurring nationwide.

Step 3: We measure the absolute percent deviation of actual sales prices to what we had estimated the property values to be prior to the observed sale.

Step 4: Finally, the MdAPE is computed as the median absolute percent deviation of all transactions observed nationwide.

In summary, A lower MdAPE indicates a more accurate valuation.

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