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of single-family homes and condos

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A robust enterprise solution
If you evaluate properties in large volumes, please contact us for enterprise plans and solutions.
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Instantly customize reports

Value Reports are instantly available and customizable. From the moment you click "View Full Report", you have the ability to dynamically adjust property details to reflect current or future condition and modify property details. You can even add your headshot, logo, and a personal note when presenting to a client.

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Analyze comparable sales

Don't limit comparative market analyses to recent sales if it means looking outside of your given market – values can fluctuate wildly within just a few miles. Value Report locates the most similar local homes sold in the last four years and automatically adjusts price from the sale date.

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Access via web, Excel, or API

Join leading institutional investors utilizing Value Report via API or spreadsheet Match & Append to service, securitize, and manage portfolios of real estate. Now you can quickly access the industry’s most accurate home valuations and analytics for 100M+ U.S. homes in bulk.

Home valuations you 
can trust

Proven valuation methods for your
unique approach

  • HouseCanary Value (AVM)

    Establish a baseline price based on information about this home and the surrounding neighborhood. Our home values have an industry leading 2.6% median error rate.

  • Adjusted Value

    Gain more precision by adjusting property details and watch the value adjust instantly. The more details you are able to provide, the more precise our adjusted value will be.

  • Comparable Value

    Perform a comparative market analysis with four years of adjusted local home sales. Add, remove, filter, and sort homes you feel are most comparable and watch the value adjust instantly.

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Charts to help forecast appreciation and assess risk

  • Metropolitan statistical area risk

    Understand whether the property is in a buyer's or seller's market. See how the market is changing on a weekly basis.

  • ZIP Code and block-level market direction

    Gain visual insight into how prices will change over the next 3 years and understand the risk of a downturn in your local market based on ZIP Code and block-level trends.

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Interactive heat-maps to establish rich context

  • Block-level historical price growth

    View 1 and 5-year historic home price appreciation for every block within a region to identify local valuation trends.

  • Average sales price for each block

    Spot geographic price trends to quickly determine how things like bodies of water and parks impact prices. Understand where your home value falls within the neighborhood.

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When you need a condition-informed valuation: Agile EvaluationTM

  • circle Best-in-class approach combines human eyes to judge condition and HouseCanary's industry-leading analytics to determine value
  • circle Priced competitively to BPOs and Evaluation Reports
  • circle Receive your condition-informed valuation reports in 2-4 days