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3 Ways Big Data Will Transform Lending in 2017

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HouseCanary brings all relevant real estate, mortgage, consumer, and neighborhood data together in one place to make it easy to address lenders’ and investors’ greatest needs. For lenders, it means improved lead conversion, accurate appraisal and collateral underwriting that speed up the loan process, and access to real-time views of portfolio value and market risks.

Purpose-built for residential lenders and investors, our products leverage a foundation of data, powerful models and predictive analytics to deliver the nation’s most accurate valuations and forecasts for over 100 million properties. Incorporating over 40 years of historical property data, spanning 381 MSAs, 10 million census blocks, and 93 percent of residential properties in the United States, our powerful models explain, and predict valuation trends with unmatched accuracy.

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Retired basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and entrepreneur Jeff Stibel announce their investment in HouseCanary, part of the $100M Bryant Stibel investment platform.

Turning knowledge into power, San Francisco tech company HouseCanary is changing the way mortgage lenders use and act on housing statistics.

While there is a link between energy and housing prices, it's not an immediate one. HouseCanary's JP Ackerman discusses why it can take 15-24 months for a housing market to react.


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