HouseCanary Agile Evaluation

Condition-informed home evaluation powered by advanced technology

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The answer to outdated traditional valuations

Faster turnaround than human-only products
Data, analytics, and machine learning return condition-informed valuations in less time than a traditional BPO or appraisal

Savings of up to 30% compared to broker price opinions
We deliver comprehensive data and context about a property’s value at a fraction of the cost of a traditional BPO and in compliance with Inter Agency Guidelines

Objective data analysis, free from human bias
By building our valuations on data and sophisticated algorithms, we remove risk of human bias

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What you’ll find in your Agile Evaluation report

Regulatory compliance as a condition-informed evaluation

We have designed Agile Evaluation to comply with Interagency Guidelines (IAG) requirements for a condition-informed evaluation. Consult with your compliance specialists to determine when and how you can use Agile Evaluation in lieu of an appraisal.

Multi-step quality control for high confidence

Unlike traditional machine-based valuations, the cutting-edge Agile Evaluation system selects for properties we can value with high confidence. Rigorous quality control every step of the way ensures a highly accurate, condition-informed valuation delivered with a standard delivery of 4 days, and faster rush deliveries on request.

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